A heritage pageant looks to preserve Botswana pride and culture

GABORONE, Botswana, October 2020/ — A pageant curated by Pearl Ntshole dubbed Mr and Miss Culture Heritage Botswana is on the cards. Earmarked to take place on October 30th at the University of Botswana Open Theatre, the star-studded fashion spectacle looks to close the glaring gap between our cultures as well as bring young people together to teach, learn and accept each other as a way of finding their roots in style.

Infusing the millennial attributes to the pageant, the show will also showcase collections from some local designers such as Obonetse Dibeela of Obonetse Originals, Kabelo Mohutsiwa of El Cotour, Kudszane Mbulawa of Kudzy Designs and Ontibile Mogome of Cherubium Fashions.

According to Ntshole, the Mr & Miss Culture Heritage Botswana’s aim is to promote and preserve culture and traditions while instilling a sense of pride in everyone’s ethnicity.

“I realized that there are still Batswana who believe in categorizing tribes into minority and majority groups thus they are a lot of people growing up feeling inferior to others. Most young people are ashamed to even speak their own language and appreciate their own unique cultural elements such as clothing, food and other practices.”

Furthermore, Ntshole said the Mr & Miss Culture Heritage Botswana also found it fit to include the boy child as they are often left behind when it comes to pageantry.

“In our culture, a man is the lead and head of the family so it’s important that we include young men to groom them to be culturally knowledgeable men too”, she said

Curated by the award-winning theater practitioner, Neelo Lentebanye, she noted that knowing who you are as a human being makes a world a better place as this puts a balance to a lot of things in the society.

“This is why I believe it’s crucial to revive culture and also preserve it for generations to come,” she said briefly. My Star host, Alpha is expected to anchor the show.

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