Fourth BANANA CLUB takes on issues around queer parenting in Botswana

GABORONE, 22nd September 2020– Local ARTvism blog Bananaemoji.com hosted its fourth instalment and second of its 2020 edition of BANANA CLUB on the 19th September 2020, a platform aimed at educating and engaging with various Publics in an effort to lead relevant and dynamic conversations on issues affecting the queer community of Botswana. The fourth club session delved into the topic “Parenting, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” .

Speaking on the choice of theme, the event curator, Tanlume Enyatseng said, “Adolescents in Botswana today are experiencing the emergence of their sexual and gender identities in a heteronormative society that is steadily adopting more progressive views related to sexual orientation and gender. However, despite these sociocultural changes, parent–child relationships remain as one of the strongest predictors of LGBTQI+ adolescent adjustment. This session aimed to review the importance of social visibility and inclusion in creating healthy environments for future queer parents and children alike. All while highlighting the significance of family experiences within a minority stress framework. The session was oriented around the coming out process, including factors influencing this experience and how post-disclosure parenting affects the health and well-being of LGBTQI+ adolescents. We heard from a lesbian couple raising a young son and discussed future directions and the challenges inherent to this conversation.”

BANANA CLUB welcomes the support of allies that agree with its manifesto and wishes to work with them to achieve a certain aim. The sessions are split into two halves; one half being dedicated to sharing personal experience, with each participant free to contribute as much or as little as they want and the second half being dedicated to questions and answers. With the help of the community, BANANA CLUB wants to pinpoint where societies and education practitioners are failing LGBTQ+ people and propose ways that might remedy this.

Concluded Tanlume, “As BANANA CLUB we seek to challenge dominant narratives and create a space in which the queer community can discuss freely. When we share our stories, we foster visibility and wipe out myths. The visibility that comes from different people sharing experiences, queering and disrupting views of the world, is a celebration of plurality. We will hopefully host many more club sessions before the end of year and our wish is to provide a platform for our communities to connect and achieve a common goal of inclusion through informed and open dialogues.”

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