Lepang Ferguson’s debut book ‘Wildflower Season’ now available on Amazon

GABORONE, Botswana, September 2020/ — One of Botswana’s high-riding corporate communication specialist, Lepang Ferguson has finally succumbed to her writing bug by publishing her first book titled, Wildflower Season. Being a communications entrepreneur who has worked in the media and communications industry for almost 20 years, Lepang is a mother of two daughters and a family centred individual who considers herself a hermit.

She spends most of her time with her family, working and enjoying art, literature, and music. Prior to writing the manuscript and proofreading her latest offering, Lepang is the founder of LFI, popularly known as Lepang Ferguson International – a media and communications company, and now also a publishing firm.

Speaking to #botswanaunplugged this week, Ferguson said writing is a big part of her life.

“I think it was just a matter of time until I actually finished a complete book. I have written most of my life, and I was trying to get to the right space, where I could align myself with the right moment to start publishing my work. It took a while to develop my creative side into a concise literary development. Wildflower Season is a title I had in my heart since last year. My heart is geared towards anything that relates to race, women, girls and God, all I knew then was that the book would have those themes, until I started writing and developed the actual narrative.”

When narrating the title of her book, the Mochudi-born lass said ‘Wildflower Season’ is about a family that spans a few generations, and their response to life as being black in America, being spiritually gifted and each of them trying to fulfil their purpose at different times, or ‘seasons’.

“The book mostly involves the last two generations, both of whom are women who find themselves connecting to a purpose driven assignment that they have to complete. The book can be found on Amazon and on lepangferguson.com.”

Often times, Batswana are criticized for the lacklustre performance when it comes to publishing their works, however, for the 40-year-old publisher this dream has been long time coming and it finally means everything to her for her to hold her own hard copy.

“The process of publishing a book is extensive. Firstly, its important to write and complete the book. It is important to know who your target market is and where you want to sell your book, as well as how. Printing and publishing all depend on the budget you have, I chose to self-publish through my own company. The work that goes into publishing require standards, and one of those standards is quality.


Quizzed if her book is a once-off stunt, Ferguson was quick to give hints that she might be working on her next book soon.

“The book bug has already hit me, it hit me years ago, I just wrote for my own personal expression. I have always written, in fact I have written almost every day for as long as I can remember, it was just about gathering my notes, ideas and thoughts and developing them into an actual book, and deciding on which one I wanted to start with,” she concluded.

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