Amy Tjasink releases anti-gender based violence song & campaign

Amy Tjasink is a 27 year old singer/songwriter, multi-talented musician and now a proud anti-GBV activist from Cape Town, South Africa. Since being a top 7 finalist on The Voice South Africa, Amy has released two successful singles titled ‘Spiderman Kiss’ & ‘Game Over’ featuring household name Jimmy Nevis, which is currently being heard across radio stations and their chart shows nation-wide.

Amy is a blatant visionary whose signature vocals and singer-songwriter abilities, provoke deep thought and heart wrenching emotion within the listener, which is evident in her latest offering ‘I am a Fire’, a song dedicated to the fight of Gender Based Violence.

“For years, I have had a yearning in my soul to create something bigger than my own dreams. I have wanted to use my talent, music and various platforms to make a true difference, and that difference now comes in the form of the ‘I am a Fire’ Anti-GBV Campaign, which is intended to create enough awareness around the absolute devastation that is caused by Gender Based Violence.” – Amy Tjasink

The haunting and thrilling song production and supporting music video of ‘I am a Fire’ should induce goosebumps and cause the listener to consider joining the unifying movement about fighting back and being willing to stand on the front line for justice.

“The lyrical content already had a haunting feel and was calling for me to add a cinematic and epic production, which ended up being one of the most moving and empowering pieces I have had the honour of working on.” – Colin Sher, Producer

“Our system is failing us, only 8% of GBV cases that make it to court end in prosecution. Victims of GBV and their families go through immense trauma, heartache, and pain whilst pressing charges, and they pray that justice will be served. Sadly, it almost never is, and when a penalty is actually ruled, it still fails us. A so-called life sentence is 25 years, leaving a vast number of criminals walking the streets again after only serving 10 years with parole.
Rapists and murderers should not be granted the luxury of freedom after taking someone else’s and we have to ask ourselves, is 10 years a life sentence? How is this Justice? What kind of message does this send to other offenders?
The time for change, is right now. Sign the petition and lets make a better country for ourselves and our families.” – Bronwyn Litkie, Head of SA Woman Fight Back

The ‘I am a Fire’ campaign is aimed at getting enough signatures on the petition to change the law in South Africa, that being, no bail, no parole and life means for life as well as donate financial assistance to Amy’s choice of GBV charitywww.thesafehouse.org.za.

“Here at The Safe House, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all our pursuits. We break the silence on abuse by empowering Survivors and Supporting Communities by Providing Abused Women and Children with a safe place to heal, rebuild and reconnect.” – Kathy Cronje, The Safe House

Amy’s hope is to make a true difference, prays that fellow South Africans stand with her on the front line to make a very important change in our beautiful country that we call our home.

“This song is spine chilling and left me gripping my hand into a fist, ready to fight this war alongside Amy. We are truly honoured to be heading the PR and song release for the campaign” – Sam de Bruin, SAManagement.

“Thank you to all the collaborators who came on board with this project, saw the vision, and shared their talents to make a difference.” – Amy Tjasink

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