Former beauty queen reflects on her career and future plans

GABORONE, Botswana, September 2020/ — Former beauty queen and the 2014 Miss Teen Universe, 2015 2nd Princess Miss Teen International, Judith Kgwadi was this week trending for all the right reasons as she flaunted the brand new, Delayna Scott swimwear.

Kgwadi said she will always be indebted to pageantry as it has opened her mind and helped build her career exponentially. She is now focused on making a living from it. From a young age the Kanye-born lass has always wanted to conquer the world.

“I have always loved pageantry from a very young age and I enjoyed everything about the dress ups and the confidence it brought to me. If I look back to what I have done and accomplished, I remain astonished and blessed. There was so much laughter and tears along the way but I also got to meet wonderful ladies who some of them are my close friends to date, the right platform I needed to conquer the world,” she said.

Her career soared when she was crowned 2nd princess in Nicaragua on her first international experience which she says positioned her to meet the right people who helped upgrade her persona.

“I got the right platform to meet people of a high calibre, people I have always wished to work with. I had the confidence to speak to large groups of people, I knew self image was very important to respect yourself and not tarnish your brand. I have been working with Delayna Scott for the longest time now since 2014. I can personally say the garments are amazing and fashion forward as they cater to every body’s shape and size. Swim wear has a lot to say about someone’s confidence. Wear it, to rock it,” she said.

The 26-year-old has however made a twist from being a runaway model to being a photoshoot model where she thinks it will open up more opportunities as brands particularly retail have more products to showcase often.

“The runway type of model and beauty pageants, those ones I have retired from them personally. I am currently doing photoshoots with big brands in advertising. I am never shy to work the camera but on the pipe line I would love to open my own academy because the passion will forever be there.”

For Kgwadi, what carries one in this cutthroat industry is to have undying passion.
“Let the passion be there because doing something with no motive it’s a waste of time and you will never accomplish what you want. BOTHO is the other key to unlock the next big door and having a big ego would lead you nowhere,” she concluded.

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