Delayna Scott turns up the spring heat with hot swimwear

GABORONE, Botswana, September 2020/ — Botswana’s fast growing fashion designer, Delyana Scott has been trending all over social media with her latest offering and spring invasion swimwear parades featuring top local models and influencers. The models, Judith Kgwadi, Peelo Mookodi and Michelle Gaokgethelwe been sporting the brand Delyna Scott two-piece outfit.

Quizzed about what influenced the naming and making of the swimwear for this spring, Scott who has previously attended all major fashion shows including the popular New York Fashion Week show said she has always wanted to make a brand with her name on it.

“I’ve always wanted to have my brand printed on fabrics and not just on T-shirts, so I figured why not start off with a fully branded swimwear and see how that goes. The response has been overwhelming with the swimsuits and I’m excited and humbled,” she said this week.

“During our first lockdown, I had this vision of creating pieces having different segments and the first segment I used digital content creators. For my velvet collection I wanted to do a beauty queen segment,” she added.

Scott said Judith has been modelling the brand for quite some time now, adding that, “I’ve dressed her for a number of beauty pageants of which she has won best gown for all of them. I’ve dressed Michelle for the Miss Consumer Fair, and I’ve also done a photoshoot with her before.

I’ve dressed Peelo before for an event but we’ve never got a chance to do photoshoots together for she’s based in South Africa, so I grabbed the opportunity since she is now at home due to COVID-19.”

Influenced by what’s currently trending, Scott has observed what will be on offering this spring in terms of colours despite a dull year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“A lot of bright colors, flowy loose dresses and slip dresses. The comfort clothing. Fashion is taken seriously in other parts of the world, and your craft is well respected and trend forecasting is very important. I think with social media being a big part of our daily lives we go with what’s trending. As a fashion designer if I do ready to wear garments I definitely do trends, you have to give the people what they want and what they want is to be trendy like the rest of the world,” she concluded.

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