Banana emoji launches new podcast for African creatives

GABORONE, Botswana, August 2020/ – Building on an already growing portfolio of efforts to promote relevant and dynamic conversations in the creative industry, local ARTivism blog bananaemoji.com will this week launch a podcast titled “BANANA PHONE”.

BANANA PHONE is a fortnightly podcast which will see two leading African thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors paired in conversations around shifting old paradigms and fostering a bold, free- spirited thinking mindset.
Set to launch on the 11th of August 2020, the premiere episode is titled, “Writing to purge emotions” and will feature Musician, Moonga K. from Zambia alongside Writer and Artist Ngozi Chukura from Botswana.

The podcast will be available on various streaming platforms with a dedicated Instagram account curated by Tanlume Enyatseng with design support from visual artists’ Meda Dargyte and Thato Mosekiemang. Every episode will showcase a new set of creative minds in conversation produced by Israel Walter Chona III.

Said Tanlume Enyatseng, Bananemoji.com’s Curator and Creative Director, “I am very excited to share with the world this new platform aimed at creating awareness around key issues through the voices of fellow African creatives. The last few months have seen us all have to adapt to rather unprecedented times and now more than ever seems to be the time to be as vocal around mistreatment and injustice everywhere as well as to see where those most vulnerable need assistance and support.

Social distancing and/or isolation particularly in creative and LGBTQI+ spaces is hard especially when we need, thrive, grow and feel safe as a result of community and shared experiences.”

Bananaemoji.com is an ARTivism blog that illustrates today’s evolving culture through art, social commentary, fashion and humor. Central to the blog’s purpose in being a curator of African art and experiences, BANANA PHONE is the second spin-off the blog following 2019’s debut of BANANA CLUB. An LGBTQI+ safe space platform aimed at tackling pressing societal issues through strategic engagements that evoke a call for action towards creating visibility for Botswana’s queer community. Amongst some of the themes being discussed on the podcast this season: Toxic Masculinity, Racism and Colorism, Creative Expression and African Heritage.

Concluded Tanlume, “When we share our stories, we foster visibility and wipe out myths. The visibility that comes from different people sharing experiences, queering and disrupting views of the world, is a celebration of plurality. Using stories, intentionally and unintentionally, to counter erasure, to write and rewrite our realities lends a hand to shifting social consciousness. And, when done properly it offers people a better understanding of other people’s experiences and what occupying the world means for them.”

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