BIH launches top 1000 digital skills platform

GABORONE, Botswana, July 2020/ — Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) has announced the introduction of a Top 1000 Digital Skills platform, a tool that serves as a catalyst in the Botswana’s digital transformation agenda. The Top 1000 Skills Platform showcases digital skills of software developers to stakeholders (both private and public) and interest them to collaborate or procure developers skills.

The BIH Top 1000 Digital Skills Platform enlists top 1000 software developers in the country, to be ranked according to their technical capabilities and completed projects. The registered innovators will be able to participate in developer activities such as workshops, trainings, hackathons and many others that will be facilitated through the platform.

The platform is rolled out in two phases; phase one implementation involves registration, creation of a profile and ranking based on Github projects performed. Phase two implementation of the platform would interface with a ranking platform to provide online assessments. At phase two, the platform will have all technologies and /or languages and developer’s ranking will be based on combination of projects and online assessments.

The enlisted innovators will be given opportunities in the form of challenges from both the public and private sectors to develop new digital products/services. As an example, BIH in collaboration with Botswana Insurance Holding Limited (BIHL) successfully implemented a financial literacy gaming App named MogwebiQuest. In the project, BIH identified suitable App developers- Power Circle Group through a hackathon activity that was followed by training and expert advisory to yield a desired product for the procuring partner- BIHL.

“We believe that there is an opportunity to adopt the same model with other institutions in the private or public sector to fast-track the development of digital products/services. The digital skills area is ripe for private sector investment and participation.  The Top 1000 Digital Skills platform initiative relies on a multi-stakeholder partnership for its success” BIH CEO, Alan Boshwaen said.

BIH CEO, Alan Boshwaen

Information Communication Technology is one of the focus sectors underpinning the BIH mandate as it is a key driver in the transformation of Botswana towards a digital economy and the creation of job opportunities. The universal digital revolution is underway, hence BIH is appealing to all developers to join the evolution that underscores the importance of digital skills for invention, employability and competitiveness in the digital economy.

The skills platform can be accessed through BIH website https://www.bih.co.bw/ by clicking on the Top 1000 skills platform banner or directly at https://www.skillsranker.bih.co.bw

About Botswana Innovation Hub

Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) is a networked organisation that promotes innovation and technology entrepreneurship. Its primary goal is to support the commercialisation of solutions developed by BIH supported entities.

BIH was established to contribute towards the diversification of the economy and transform Botswana towards a knowledge economy by:

  • Supporting start-ups and existing companies to grow by providing innovation capacity building as well as access to funding and national technology transfer office services
  • Creating linkages between different players in the national innovation ecosystem to identify and capitalize on collaboration opportunities
  • Attracting like-minded, innovative and technology driven companies and institutions to establish their operations in the Park
  • Managing and developing the Science and Technology Park to create a thriving innovation ecosystem

The organisation has two subsidiaries namely Botswana Innovation Hub Properties (BIHP) and Botswana Innovation Hub Investments (BIHI). BIHP’s mandate is to develop and manage the Science and Technology Park and BIHI is a special purpose vehicle established to serve as the Hub’s investment arm. Its role is to attract, invest in and manage commercially viable and technology related investments.

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