Lockdown inspires female rookie author pen 100 motivational quotes

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have inspired most creatives to come out of their cocoons by allowing their creative juices to flow. One such creative is Kesego Moeng (26), a rookie author and exurbanite young woman from Mochudi who has penned a book dubbed Great News I Welcome You – a compilation of 100 motivational quotes.

“The book is about inspiration and motivation,” she says. Written under the first national lockdown and launched on the 7th of June, the book speaks to the inner you, the bowl of your thoughts and emotions. Not only is it a motivational quote book but it causes you to desire personal development on another level.

“The fast-paced life of Gaborone would allow you to see how fast and vast one can grasp or lose themselves and I chose to grasp myself fully and though not always having it easy, I have learnt overtime that life is really what you make of it.”

Moeng says she always knew she had a dream and passion for writing. Perhaps her unlucky career path inspired the title. Kesego’s career took shape immediately after her Form 5 she landed in the food service industry where she worked for two years. She also stumbled in the facilities management where she worked for six years. However, she managed to pick up the pieces and went on a study room to pen her thoughts into a book.

” I only completed my BGCSE in 2011 and started working, got retrenched twice and found another job thereafter. However, having to experience being retrenchment at a tender age, I became more resilient about chasing my dreams and aspirations,” she remembers.

Under the new normal, Moeng decided to launch her first book at Gaborone’s Central Business District (CBD) at the luxurious Fego Café during a strict by invite only ceremony as gatherings of multitudes are currently prohibited.

“My book was written and published during the lockdown as it was a time where movement was highly limited and inspiration wasn’t easy to find. However for me it was greatly about changing the narrative and finding hope in a seamlessly hopeless moment and that is what prompted me to write this masterpiece compilation of 100 quotes in 2 days”.

With copies of the book having already been sold during the launch and continuing to get more orders and bookings, the motivated Moeng has however encountered teething problems such as lack of funds, networking and affordable printers, same problems faced by young and upcoming entrepreneurs locally.

“The greatest challenge as a self-funded young author was getting the funds ready to print the book and launch it successfully. Other than that was the limited access to printers and major restrictions set on possible venues to launch the book”
The book was published by Transilience Book Publishing and Printing house available by delivery. To get a copy, call +267 74774683 or
Facebook: Kesego Samantha Moeng
Twitter: @KesegoMoeng
Instagram: Kesego Moeng

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