Young Motswana publishes Ocean of Untold Goodbyes

Many Batswana have not embraced the art of publishing books despite their diverse and rich content from different professions. From retired politicians, sports personalities, medical experts alike – there hasn’t been much on the shelves. It has been only a few authors locally to have shared their craft, the latest is one poet and author Lame Pusetso with Ocean Of Untold Goodbyes.

Her poetry prowess have seen her grow in epic proportions having done works in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia.

In an interview with Botswana Unplugged recently, the Hukuntsi born lass known as Poeticblood remembers her upbringing as a key factor in realising her dream of publishing.

“I grew up in Hukuntsi Kgalagadi. The last born of 7 girls, raised by two parents. I grew up in a low class background, my literature journey had always been an inspiration from my late father Jackson Mothibi. Both of my parents helped me through it. In Junior school, i got so attached to poetry that i used to submit my works to my English teacher, Joel Kgodungwe who helped me with editing and pushed me further even when I proceeded to Gantsi Senior where i was the school journalist. I continued with poetry, until 2014 where i got to both written poetry and stage performance”, she remembers.

Pusetso kept his father’s teaching that the greatest and easiest way to keep up with life memories is to pen them down.

Her literature journey was encouraged by having two parents with different educational background. Her father as the literate while her mother isn’t.

“So their daily ways of showing affection to each other thru writing of letters from my dad and my mum asking me to write on her behalf always drove me to say, one day il tell their story too. I was then inspired to pen my story through poetry. As a young girl, i realized that the only way to change things is to bring the change, write, keep writing until one day more people start reading. And when i wrote some poems on Facebook, i got an attention that drove me to say, we are the new generation, ready to write and read. So here we are, I have publishedmy first book.”

Giving a glimpse of her book Pusetso (23) says her latest offering isa tribute to her late father who unearthed her writing passion.

“Ocean of Untold Goodbyes is an honour to my late father. It is a poetry anthology, a compilation of poems speaking about different kinds of situations in life. Both love, loyalty, betrayal, patriotism and many others. It is a book from a daughter to her dad saying, this are the words and works i could have shared with you but since you are gone, they remain untold stories to you”

Pusetso is currently a titan member of Poetic Omnibus organisation and also the founding President of a poetry movement called Dare to Fly that helps nurture literature gifts for school going students.

She is the National Secretary for Botswana in an organisation which is worldwide called Poets Of The World under the leadership of the Vice President of the same organisation in SADC Mbizo Chirashe.


Presidential competition Regional finalist-Tsabong 2015

Constituency competitions winner-Kgalagadi North 2015

Presidential competitions regional winner-Ghanzi 2016

Presidential competitions finalist-Gaborone 2016

Winner of constituency competitions-Hukuntsi 2017

Facilitated poetry workshop-Kanye 2018

Presidential regional competitions winner-Ghanzi 2018

Presidential final competitions third runner-up-Gaborone 2018

Poem director for Kuku Voice of Artists theatre group- Kuke 2018

Babishai Niwe Poetry Festival panellist- Uganda 2018

Winner of Kgalagadi North constituency arts competitions cycle 1 and 2- 2018/2019

TedX Botswana Speaker

LitLight Nigeria November contest winner 2019


Poetry adjudicator for inter-departmental competitions in Boitekanelo college-2017

Poetry adjudicator for ABOSPA competitions finals- 2018 and 2019

Poetry adjudicator for June 16 Southern competitions 2019

Poetry adjudicator for Dare to Fly written short stories and poems competitions 2018

Panellist for Babishai Niwe Poetry competitions for SADC in Uganda

Director of Ceremonies for AFM OODI Youth Bash- Oodi

Director of Ceremonies for AFM Southern Youth bash dance battle- Mogoditshane 2019

Panellist during POETRY SCENE for African Countries in Kitwe, Zambia 2019

The book is published by Kingdom Publishers and currently selling at P120.

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