Bougee’s story – from a safari camp to studio

The Gabane born lass Bougee, real name Lesego Selao has released her 4th studio single dubbed Just For You. As Covid-19 phenomenon continue to paralyse many industries, Bougee who is also an Assistant Camp manager at Ker & Downey Botswana took the time to master her first love, which is music by returning to studio with King Tuks to work on her latest project.

“With tourism being my second calling, I’ve been working in Safari camps in the Makgadikgadi and the okavango delta as a means to sustain myself. The truth of it all is, i found it difficult being an artist in Botswana; not getting enough Bookings and when you do get bookings you have to negotiate your fee.

This became very frustrating for me as an artist and I lost somewhat of the fire I had and decided to channel whatever fire I had on my other passion being tourism. Upon realizing that the pity party won’t help me I decided to get back on the horse and do what I love and “just for you” was born. My latest single”, she says. 

She however acknowledges that as a creative, it is important to always diversify the craft. A utility artist in her own right, Bougee cant pick where her genre and ability lies in music. She has let the vibe guide her latest offering.

“I am always looking for ways to diversify and grow as a femcee and what better way than rapping on a kwaito/sgubu beat especially with Kwaito being so close to my heart, a genre foreign to what I started with. “Just for you” is a kasi love story, boy meets girl, they fall in love and ride off into the sunset. That’s literally what I’ve envisioned for the video. King Tux and I have always had a great friendship and a wonderful chemistry in studio he’s wonderful to work with and is very patient.


I love working with artists that are hungry and passionate about their art. I haven’t had a lot of features as yet however, Ive always envisioned working an artist that can give constructive feedback and make working together fun”, as she narrates King Tux work ethic.
Apart from monetizing on online platforms, Bougee’s source of of income furthers to brand ambassadorship and selling her label merchandise. 

“As an artist i have decided to focus on merchandising and collaborating with local brands and also utilizing digital markets for the sale of my music. Something I’ve never tried before. For instance, ‘Just for you’ is currently on iTunes, Spotify, tiktok and we looking to unlocking other collaborations.  The single was produced by Qbio and managed by Bougee with the assistance of a Blxckmail ent.

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