Masi turns up the heat as she unlocks winter season in style

GABORONE, Botswana, May 2020/ — “Often times, societal norms set beauty standards for women; these norms change over time and are easily influenced by different factors, which leave women vulnerable to insecurities. Look, I’m on shape, I train and eat well but still I have been quite insecure about posing in a bikini. As a public figure, who make ends meet through my image, I rejected most contracts in the past due to personal discomfort,” said Masi Sithole, a TV presenter, fashionista and model. 

Speaking of her journey and past experiences, the gorgeous Masi said she has accepted her fears and she’s now ready to conquer it all. Posing for a camera on a sexy locally designed bikini by Berry Heart, Masi says she left the crew with tongues wagging as she threw several sultry poses with ease.

“I had to prepare myself physically and psychological since posing on a bikini isn’t something I have done before. It took so much out of my being to get to this. So many factors, such as family principles and societal stereotypes contributed to my fear of being uncomfortable with posing for pictures on bikini wear. We all have fears isn’t it??? So with time, I had to alter my image,” she added.

“In this agonising journey, I met different people and among those is my little brother, mentor and secret keeper, Motswafere. He understood my fears, struggles and repeatedly reminded me that it doesn’t take the world to notice I will look great on a swim wear. He kept persisting, even when I saw no glimpse of hope or redemption- thankfully I am where I’m, with my bikini photoshoots due to his resilience.”

She gave props to Berry Heart, real name Keotshepile Motseonageng for the relentless inspiration that ran over time. She points Heart was always fond of her body and positive about her structures. “My colleague and a friend in the industry, Berry Heart played a major role in my journey too. She is one of the few, I continue to look up to as a “body-role model”. Over the years, Berry Heart embraced every curve, roll, and every stretch mark on her body and this inspired me a lot. As a young girl I remember taking part in many beauty contest, got crowned and sadly lost at upper levels as I was not comfortable with wearing a bikini. I embraced societal perceptions of what constitute beauty; that a woman’s beauty can only be through wearing lengthy dresses- which was absurd isn’t? To all the young Masi’s out there battling with the same syndrome; all I can say is, you too can do it. All you need to do is to put your mind and heart and “Don’t let anyone force you, rather wait for the right time.”

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