Botswana duo explain why their names aren’t on America’s hottest game show

GABORONE, Botswana, May 2020/ — Last year was a giant leap in the film and television landscape of Botswana when American comedian, businessman and entertainer, who hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, as well as the Miss Universe competition and Fox’s New Year’s Eve, Steve Harvey took two Batswana creatives to join his team in South Africa to shoot Family Feud SA and Ghana. The show currently beams on etv since the beginning of the April.

Harvey who has proclaimed his undying love for the landlocked country of Botswana earning himself a moniker of a Setswana name, Mothusi first came to Botswana two years ago.

The Botswana and Harvey bromance commenced in 2018 when he paid a courtesy visit to President Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi during the Debeers Diamond Conference. Since then, the two set their intentions on growing the creative industry subsequently Harvey visiting the state of the art Mass Media complex last year and lauding the facility. However, Harvey then chose to shoot his project in RSA’s Urban Brew studios.

Nonetheless, he opted to take along two Batswana with him, these being Neo Aabobe – a radio and TV personality as well as Maxwell Dichi – an actor and TV producer, whom were selected from over 200 applicants by Harvey’s adjudicators to join his team in Johannesburg. It was Dichi who first went to join Harvey’s team shooting Family Feud SA whilst Aabobe later joined the Family Feud Ghana production.

This week, Aabobe revealed that her role in Harvey’s team included working in sound, lighting and directing departments. She expressed gratitude saying the whole experience was an eye opener especially working with such an experienced team.

“I remain truly humbled to have been part of the team. I was part of both Family Feud SA and Ghana crew. We were given roles reliant on our expertise. I did sound, lighting and directing under the guidance of Harvey’s experienced personnel. There was a pool of experienced individual experts and I got to understand why everyone won’t appear on the show’s credits, there are many who were my supervisors and still didn’t even get a mention on the credits too,” said Aabobe.

Neo Aabobe

For his part Dichi, a former Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Multimedia lecturer said to be on Harvey’s production was also a blessing and plans to use the knowledge he acquired locally. However, he was not aware that their names do not appear on the show’s credits but referred to general knowledge on big production methods of acknowledging

Maxwell Dichi

“I worked as an audience coordinator, games software and control and audio room respectively. I got to see all the steps involved in production until all that we see on TV. I wasn’t aware that we are not on credits. We were interns, most productions don’t put interns on credits. We were not employed but there to learn. A production of that scale is world class, to be a part of it is huge. We are coming back home to impart anything that we may have learnt on our people. I am growing my production from what I have learnt. It was a different scenario from what I know or came across at Muvhango,” added Dichi.

Since the airing of the show, Harvey has continued to talk highly of Botswana to the etv viewers. He has announced that his African name is Mothusi given by President Masisi and that the best beef he has ever tasted is from Botswana – a free tourism marketing spinner for the country.

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