Botswana Muslim Association contributes over P1.5 million to COVID-19 relief

GABORONE, Botswana, April 2020/ —  The Botswana Muslim Association (BMA) has contributed over P1.5 million in total towards Botswana’s COVID-19 relief efforts, including food hampers and sanitary items which were handed over today to Government. The contribution, from BMA and its various sub-communities, inclusive of the Muslim Youth Movement (MYM), comes after extensive fundraising efforts, with contributions from members of the Muslim community across the breadth of Botswana. 

Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Honourable Kabo Neale Sechele Morwaeng, received the contribution on behalf of Government. The donation comprised food and sanitary items, supporting Government’s current efforts for food relief and the much-needed hygiene and sanitation products across the country.  

Said Gulaam Abdoola on behalf of the BMA: “When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Botswana, our Government had to take the necessary action and steps to combat and contain this virus, in order to protect our small and vulnerable population. Part of this initiative was a compulsory lock-down period for the whole nation. This meant that the underprivileged would be hit the hardest and require assistance during this difficult time. The Botswana Muslim Association immediately reacted to the Government’s call for us to all come together as a nation and play a part in getting us through this crisis. 

We reached out to our communities and started a collection for food, and hygiene and sanitation items. To date we have collected P1,5 million and I am confident that this number will rise to reach P2,0 million. When you assist someone in need, do not see it as a favour but rather as a blessing from Allah (God) that you have been given the opportunity to help and gain His blessings. Charity is an integral part of the life of every Muslim. Charity does not decrease your wealth, as God tells us that He will multiply for those that spend in His way.”

The BMA is committed to supporting Government’s relief efforts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We share our heartfelt gratitude with Government for the action being taken to protect all Batswana, and with the front-line and essential services staff who so bravely work to keep us safe. Together, we can beat COVID-19.

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