Meet Kesegofetse Molenga, Wilderness Safaris Vumbura Plains General Manager

VUMBURA PLAINS, Okavango Delta, March 2020/ — Kesegofetse, known as Kci, Molenga was born in Mahalapye, Botswana. As a child her mother always told her “Se itebe matsogo”, reminding her that it was not her gender but rather her brain and hands that would determine the outcome of her future. Setting the tone for the rest of her life, Kci developed a tenacious character focused on how she could – instead of wondering if she could. 

Today, this drive continues to encourage Kci to create life-changing experiences for her guests at Wilderness Safaris Vumbura Plains, where she has been the General Manager since 2018. 

Upon completing her secondary education she decided to give herself a head start by working part time while completing her Associate Degree in Tourism Management at the Limkokwing University of Botswana. The determined young Kci always knew that the experience would be invaluable and one day work in her favour.

Vumbura, Wilderness Safari Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

After this she worked in a number of hotels and lodges in Botswana including the Cresta Hotels chain before being employed as a Trainee Manager for Wilderness Safaris Botswana in 2011. Here she completed a nine-month Localisation Training Programme, which equipped her with the necessary skills to successfully manage luxury camps.  

She had the opportunity to work at some seven Wilderness Safaris camps, learning about the company’s vision of protecting pristine wilderness areas and wildlife through ecotourism. She was naturally also able to meet new people and learn about their cultures.

Kci has worked in Housekeeping and Front-of-House, as well as in Guest Relations and Maintenance, all helping her to eventually land her first appointment as Relief General Manager for Vumbura Plains in 2015.  The following year she was appointed as the General Manager for Vumbura North, which gave her the necessary challenges to help grow, and enable her to handle more responsibilities with ease.

Since 2018 she been the General Manager at Vumbura Plains, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to make positive changes in people’s lives. She says the teams she has worked with at Wilderness Safaris have played an important role in her journey, “My team makes my world. I like empowering my staff, especially the women, who have the potential to make a difference, as well as those still trying to find their way out of their shells and face the beauty of being a female leader”.

“Just being out here in the wildlife-diverse Okavango Delta makes me happy. I so appreciate waking up to such splendour and working for a company that is strongly rooted in conservation. I also work with people who take pride in what they do, people who care about the wellbeing of others and our guest, who travel thousands of miles to experience our authentic Wilderness Safaris experiences. I carry this with pride and am not hesitant to tell the world about the amazing opportunities we get from Wilderness Safaris”, says Kci.

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