Qorokwe Camp builds new Kgotla for Ditshiping village

DITSHIPING, Okavango Delta, March 2020/ — In consultation with its neighbouring community partners, Qorokwe Camp is proud to build a new kgotla for Ditshiping village in Botswana’s wildlife-rich Okavango Delta. In addition to providing plans for the structure, and new tables and chairs, a fence will be erected around the kgotla to help combat various human-wildlife conflict issues, ensuring a safe enclosure for the community.

“During an informal discussion with the Ditshiping community in April last year, the requirement to build a new meeting enclosure was identified as their most pressing need. As the closest village to Qorokwe, with many of its community members also employed at our camp, we wanted to ensure the successful implementation of the project, and to work closely together to ensure that the benefits of ecotourism are truly realised by our local partners”, comments Cobus Calitz, Qorokwe GM.       

Ditshiping is one of six Okavango Kopano Mokoro Community Trust villages, the others being Boro, Daunara, Xharaxao, Xuoxao and Xaxaba. In addition to employing members from all of these villages, Qorokwe often takes guests on cultural visits to Ditshiping, and constantly looks at ways to use its high-end safari model to help drive growth through job creation and local income-generating activities.

“In addition to securing the necessary approvals to start building the kgotla, we have also donated tents to ladies fishing in NG32, the concession within which Qorokwe is situated, and we will be sourcing attire for the local dance troupe’s performances. We have also hired two community members to help with the first phase of the kgotla build, which began on the 6th of February. We will then hire an additional four people for the second phase of the build, which we’re hoping will be complete by the end of March 2020”, adds Cobus.

As one of Wilderness Safaris’ partner properties, Qorokwe is deeply committed to the company’s sustainability ethos of Commerce, Community, Culture and Conservation. Its setting within the 26 000-hectare Qorokwe Concession, a high-density game area in the south-eastern Okavango bordering the renowned Moremi Game Reserve, offers truly life-changing wilderness adventures with a difference.   

“Working together with our community partners to roll out all of these exciting initiatives showcases our ongoing commitment to driving sustainable ecotourism in the region, ultimately ensuring the biodiversity protection of this extraordinary wilderness concession”, concludes Cobus.

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