Finestar opens new diamond manufacturing factory in Botswana

Gaborone–Finestar Diamonds Botswana, a new diamond cutting and polishing facility, officially opened its factory doors at its inaugural ceremony on February 25th in Gaborone. The new facility, promising high quality diamonds, great ambition and more importantly exceptional skill transfer, is located at Unit No.6, Plot No. 69365, at Block 3 Industrial.

Highlighting the importance of the auspicious occasion, Finestar Botswana MD Gaurav Jain boldly declared their intentions to bring sustainable business in Botswana. “Our Made in Botswana diamonds will be refined by several highly skilled artisans that comprise mostly of Batswana staff and we can proudly say we will be crafting best quality diamonds that will leave a lasting impression on consumer minds worldwide.

We believe this is the next phase of diamond beneficiation and we are excited to be part of Botswana’s diamond manufacturing journey. Our passionate commitment to ethical standards, environment, and customer satisfaction truly must be experienced to be believed, we sincerely welcome you all to join our family,” enthused Jain.

The factory was officially inaugurated by the Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, Honourable Lefoko Maxwell Moagi, who emphasized the grand importance of diamond beneficiation initiatives such as the opening of this facility. “The Government of Botswana has dedicated itself to drive diamond beneficiation as one of its key areas of focus as part of its diversification strategy, to create employment opportunities for citizens and develop value through sustainable industrialization.

Jewellery manufacturing remains a sector that is underdeveloped in Botswana, therefore the opening of this factory is highly commendable and presents an opportunity to cultivate a highly trained local workforce in the diamond industry. An occasion like this is exciting for us as a country, and reaffirms our dedication to progress Botswana’s diamond industry. Indeed this is a milestone to be celebrated, and we trust that with Finestar Diamonds, we have found a partner that will stay the long haul,” stated the Honourable Minister.

De Beers Group CEO Bruce Cleaver shed light on the developing diamond industry that positions Botswana as a global key player: “The diamond industry in Botswana continues to develop. In not much more than a decade, we have seen Botswana not only become a leading rough diamond sales location, but also a significant cutting and polishing sector that is responsible for manufacturing a substantial share of the world’s gem quality production.

The industry continues to evolve, and the opening of this factory is a welcome step forward. Botswana is one of the few countries worldwide that has all the stages of the diamond value chain within the country and this inauguration presents a great foundation of continued progress to nurture and grow the local workforce.”

Finestar Diamonds Jewellery currently employs almost 20 Batswana staff, with prospects of employing 70 Batswana in the foreseeable future. Through continuously investing in the best technology and developing an expert workforce, Finestar is determined to establish a seasoned product design team and produce high-quality products.

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