Sports stars Unplugged –Female boxer who packs a powerful punch, Katlego Olatotse

Born in Gaborone, Katlego Olatotse aged 22 had always dreamt of becoming a bonafide boxer. Unlike many of her peers who fancied volleyball, netball or athletics being the most popular sporting codes back then, Katlego had always set her eyes on boxing – a rare sporting discipline back then particularly for girls. 

However, backed with nothing but sheer determination and enthusiasm, Katlego saw her dream coming true. Inspired by former local pro boxer, Lesley Sekotswe and internationally-acclaimed heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, Olatotse enrolled and pursued boxing from a tender age.

Her ambitions of turning into a boxer gained more traction in 2012 when doing her Form 2 at Bokamoso Secondary School when she met his coach who later became her mentor, Bond Ngubula – Botswana’s prolific boxing promoter.

Within a few months in the ring Olatotse was already throwing punches and upper jabs equivalent to gold medals in the Botswana Integrated Sport Association (BISA) as she scooped gold in 2012, 2013 and 2014 before they realized her tricks in 2015 when she succumbed to silver medal.

Although she was looking at participating at the youth regional games dubbed Gaborone 2014, female boxing was unfortunately cancelled. Now an assistant to his mentor at Bond boxing gym, Olatotse has managed to master the art of time management.

Her daily routine suggest that from 5am till 7am she is at the gym as an instructor then 8am till 4pm she is at school before going back to gym at 5pm till 630pm.

She studies at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where she is pursuing BA in Entrepreneurship.

“I chose to do entrepreneurship because I want to run my businesses post my boxing days. I am still not sure which businesses but surely I will be in business one day”, she said.

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