Tennis star to fitness guru, Vimbai shares her New York success story

Just like any kid in her home country Zimbabwe, Vimbai Mawisire enjoyed playing with her peers in the streets. Her greatest passion was playing lawn tennis. However, such passion did not include a life tenure in the USA. She says it was a big part of her life. We recently caught up with her after she trained a local dance choreographer, Samantha Claire in New York, USA.

Vimbai says growing up she traveled throughout Africa where she played tournaments before realizing her dream. “At 12 years old, I was invited to live and play tennis at the International Tennis Federation Center located in South Africa. It was a big start to my athletic career. I learned how to have discipline, how to push when I had nothing and to always fight for it. I ended up in the US with a college tennis scholarship. Before I graduated I had always thought of myself as an athletic but I realized I really wasn’t healthy and that motivated me to begin my fitness journey in 2012.

I lost 30lbs (13kg) by the end of 2013. Even though I had no idea what I was doing when I first started, I didn’t let that stop me. I watched YouTube videos on how to lift weights and did a lot of workouts at home and partly at the gym. I had to work through trial and error. Fast forward to now, I am way more educated on health and fitness. It’s my passion to help people achieve their goals but mainly help them accept and love their bodies,” she said. 

Through her website www.vimbaifit.com which comprise and markets both her studio and gym, her clients can now order home workouts, daily meal plan guides, gym workouts, booty builder at around $150 per person.While many usually look for comfort in being employed in the formal sector, Vimbai says she has always had her own plans.

“After I graduated from college here in the USA, I knew I never wanted to work for anyone. I’ve always wanted to help people and fitness gave me the power to do so. I started my Instagram page so I could reach many people, now I have my own fitness program. New York taught me how to be tough. It’s a cold world out there. People care more about themselves than anything and anyone else. It’s a beautiful city but you have to be smart and strong to make it out here. I had to get out of my comfort zone, learned to speak up and go for what I wanted. I did most of my self-realization and growing up while living in New York.”

For Vimbai, fitness and health are two basic needs that afford individuals the pleasure of leading healthy lives. “Health is wealth. You can’t make money when you’re sick, you can’t enjoy your money when you’re sick, you cannot enjoy anything in life when you’re sick. So taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do not only for yourself but for your loved ones, your business and anything else you value in life. When we look good, we tend to feel good too,” added Vimbai.

Vimbai says the benefits of following a healthy diet and exercising include a good heart and healthy heart, looking younger, Weight/Fat loss, stronger immune system, less stress, better sleep and higher energy levels. Quizzed about her plans of coming back to Africa to instill her experience and build a healthier Africa through fitness, Vimbai said, “I do plan on coming back, someday. My passion started back home and I wish to come back and share it there. I want fitness to be such a big thing there as it is here.”

On meeting her friend Claire, Vimbai said it was one of those last minute trips. “We didn’t have it planned out until a few days before she came. However, we had the best time catching up, learning from each other, I watched her dance and I showed her my favorite workouts, meals and we debunked a lot of fitness myths, created content and of course enjoyed exploring the island of Puerto Rico together,” she concluded.

Her 2020 plans include relaunching her fitness program where she looks forward to seeing how many more people would respond to it.“I have a few things that I’m planning and working on. When the time is right I will be sharing those with everyone. It is not fitness related but may be one day.”

Vimbai’s Daily Routine

 7am Wake up

Make breakfast for hubby before he goes to his office.

Drink Kombucha and a cup of coffee while sit of the couch reading and responding to emails.

9am Workout

10:30 meal 1 breakfast

12-1pm tidy up my apartment (I cannot work in clutter)

1pm snack

1-6 Work from home

3pm Lunch

5pm Snack

6-7pm Walk, Read, Meditate, Sit outside or listen to the sounds of the ocean

7pm Cook dinner

7:30pm Dinner

9:30pm Gets ready for bed

10pm lights out

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