Motlhokathari affirms Realeboga is beneficial for DStv customers

Gaborone, Botswana — When Resego Motlhokathari’s father passed away last year, he knew he would have to dig deep to come up with the money needed to cover the cost of his funeral. Resego wanted to give his father a fitting burial, but knew this would be expensive. Just two days before the funeral he found an unlikely source of funds to assist him and his family – MultiChoice Botswana.

A well-known radio and TV presenter and motivational speaker, Resego considers himself well informed. But he never knew that his late father, as an active DStv subscriber, had automatically qualified to be part of MultiChoice’s Realeboga Scheme, which provides free funeral cover.

Realeboga is a joint initiative between MultiChoice Botswana and life insurer, Botswana Life under the DStv loyalty programme, DStv Thanks. It promises that DStv customers who remain connected for three months or more automatically qualify for funeral cover, underwritten by Botswana Life, for themselves and their spouse at no extra cost.

Resego Motlhokathari

The amount for which customers are covered depends on their current package and number of consistently paid months at the time of their or their spouse’s passing. Funerals are expensive, MultiChoice Botswana knows this, which is why the company decided to give something back to its loyal customers at such a time, when families would need financial help the most.

No matter what the pay-out for the DStv customer when they claim as part of the Realeboga Scheme, it always comes as a welcome surprise, as Resego found out.

“I guess you could say I come from a DStv family. My parents had DStv subscriptions for years. Back in 2015 when my mother passed away, she had a big decoder. Over the years we have grown with DStv as it has evolved from that to the PVR and then the Explora I, Explora II and now the Explora III subscriptions, but I had no idea they were part of a programme like Realeboga,” Resego explains.

He found about the programme after reading about it in a local newspaper just two days before his father’s funeral. Resego still needed to cover expenses associated with the burial, so immediately contacted MultiChoice Botswana, which verified he was able to claim against one of his father’s DStv subscriptions for funeral cover.

“It was incredible. I called MultiChoice and after checking that I could claim, they assisted me with the information I needed to call Botswana Life and put in the claim. I called the insurer, gave all the necessary details, filled in a quick form or two, and within 48 hours the claim was settled and I had a credit in my bank account,” Resego says. “Thanks to MultiChoice, Botswana Life and Realeboga, we were able to give my father a decent funeral. The money went a long way to helping, and in the end was used to pay for transport for friends and family to attend the funeral.”

He adds that it’s important that DStv customers realise that if they’re going to take out a subscription, they should do it for more than one season, like over Christmas for family viewing, or during a major sporting event for a front row seat to the action.

“The thing about Realeboga is that it’s a double dose. You get to watch all your favourite DStv shows and movies 24/7/365 plus you have this extra reward, this helping hand, should you or your spouse pass away, to help your family access funds to pay for your funeral or related costs.

“A decent funeral costs upward of BWP20 000. That’s before food and transport. Sure, your Realeboga pay-out won’t pay the whole funeral, but it will help. Nobody is going to just give you money because you need it for a funeral, but if you keep paying your DStv subscription and it doesn’t lapse, MultiChoice will. They will literally just give you money depending on your profile to help with funeral costs. And the best part is it’s for free, and costs you nothing extra per month,” he says.

For more information on the Realeboga Funeral Cover, contact +2673605666.

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