M-Net debuts one of its largest productions to date in Trackers

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, October – One of the best crime stories in Africa hit our homes on television screens last night, October 27th as the 1st episode of the most anticipated crime story in Trackers aired on DSTV M-Net channel.  

The series which is compelling, riveting and quite very unpredictable is an adaptation of a novel by Deon Meyer’s. Mutichoice recently launched the series in South Africa where it was graced by all the cast that are part of the series. Trackers has proven to be a great representation of South Africa, Southern Africa and all the different people that stay in South Africa in terms of religion and culture, which is captured vividly in the story from the 1st episode.

It shows various crimes be it in diamond smuggling, rhino horn smuggling and terrorism. The film is a production by M-Net, and from the launch screening it was evident that so much time was taken in making up the series, from the craft of the amazing actors, the cinematography, the sound, the quality and in overall it was clear that the series will be one to set the bar very high for African crime stories.

There is no how you can watch the series without being captivated. When talking to Botswana Unplugged at the launch in South Africa recently, Lead Actor James Gracie who plays Lemmer said that having the opportunity to play in the series is just a great honor considering how great Deon Meyer is. He highlighted that knowing that he was going to be part of the series was something that made him so happy.

“Deon Meyer has written so many great novels, and to be able to do this with one of the greatest books he ever wrote is quite overwhelming, and I can assure you that the audience will be blown away as much as we did while filming this,” he said.

When asked to describe the series according to their own words the actors threw around words like daring, mind-blowing, unpredictable, masterpiece and complex, and this goes on to show what a brilliant and enthralling work the production is.


The production is regarded as one of the largest M-Net local productions to date which was done in collaboration with German Public Broadcaster ZDF, Cinemax which will distribute the show worldwide and HBO.  

Multichoice Public Relations Manager, Mokgadi Seabi said they are all very excited about the series because with so much work that was put in doing it they are certain that their audience will definitely get to experience something that is out of this world. 

Some of the great actors that are featuring in the film are Milla Strachan  who had to leave her wealthy husband to try and find her way and she eventually takes a small job as a journalist in government agency, Lemmer played by James Gracie is a former member of Special Forces and ministerial bodyguard who then lost the job and him trying to relive his life and his anger will be shown in the series, Janina Meltz played by Sandi Schultz is that of director of Presidential Bureau of Intelligence(PBI) while Thapelo Mokoena is intriguing as Chief of Operations at Presidential Bureau of Intelligence.

The cast executes their roles incredibly well where even the author Deyon Meyers said he finds it hard to think of the characters without seeing the faces of the talent because they are very convincing at playing their roles. The six-episode series premiered last night, Sunday 27 October on M-Net 101 at 2000 in the time slot of the regular Sunday evening movie and the movie is set to follow immediately after.

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