South African Tourism powers Tshwane Food Fest this weekend

PRETORIA, South Africa, October – South Africa’s Young Success and Homecoming Events will host its 4th annual Tshwane Food Fest (https://tshwanefoodfest.co.za/) in Pretoria this weekend (November 2). 

This multi-faceted event takes place at Botanical Gardens in the City Of Tshwane (Pretoria), with a promise of an exciting day for everyone, to celebrate the diverse cultures and interests. The festival promises a variety of food, dance, song, games and festivities to remember for a long time to come.

Following the many ‘tastes’ that South Africa has to offer in forms of markets and festivals is a hobby that couple Felane and Nqobile Mahlangu enjoy doing. One evening while driving back home to Pretoria from Johannesburg, the pair realized they often have to drive out of their home city to enjoy a food and lifestyle festival. 

What started as a small gathering with friends and family catered for by five (5) food stalls in 2015, later turned into a fully-fledged Food Festival in the Capital City, bringing together people of various cultures, races and ages.

“Food and drinks is something that brings people together, whether it is for a braai at home, trying out a new burger spot or simply hang with your friends. It is for this reason that 4 years ago the Tshwane Food Festival kicked off with a vision to bring people together to the Capital City to enjoy good food, company and a great ambience.

Today the Festival encompasses various elements, which makes it the perfect day out for everyone, promotes the city as a tourist destination and gives opportunities to SMMEs whilst creating a lasting experience for those that attend.”

Now in its 4th year, the festival has enjoyed massive attractions with 104 food stalls, 51 artists invited and 7500 foodies’ delicacies. 

Furthermore, the festival has key branches such as food, entertainment, activity marquee, kids area, wine and gin garden , VIP experience  and an African corner.

“Using their talents and entrepreneurship skills, young chefs, local and professional chefs will be given the platform to prepare and sell food to event patrons. To keep things innovative and exiting, we will be launching an onsite digital campaign for patrons to vote for their favourite stall,” said the organisers this week. 


Song, dance, instrumental is the order of entertainment. We offer a variety of entertainment, providing a platform for young talented artists to showcase their musical skills, whilst sharing a stage with seasoned African artists.


In partnership with industry chef influencers, leading culinary schools, we will put together activities that include cooking demonstrations, cooking challenges, master classes as well as wine and food pairings.


We offer the kiddies a good time too! With water games, jumping castles, face painting, balloons, mascots, stilt men, sweets and many more, kids are sure to have an amazing time.


Coming out to play with the new cool kid on the block, “Gin” and experiencing one of the South African prides – Winery; we will create an interactive Gin and Wine garden. This is where patrons get to interact and experience pairing these fine drinks with food, whilst sharing a glass or two with friends.


Producing an elegant and sophisticated experience is what we aspire to, so to create memories that will last a lifetime for those who will have the privilege to experience our VIP. Partnering with a leading chef, delicate cuisines, premium drinks and an aesthetic ambiance is what will be on offer for the VIP Marquee.


We are inviting our SADC countries to participate in our food fest by forming part of our SADC African Corner. Each country will have the opportunity to showcase their favourite indigenous foods and drinks. We wish to create a true sense of “tasting Africa”, Embassies will also be invited to the festival.

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