Dear Diary: My cheery Jam for Brunch experience

Citizen journalism is something we encourage daily and every now and then we invite citizens to pen their own inspirational stories. This past Sunday courtesy of organizers of Jam for Brunch, we gave away free tickets to some of our lucky followers to attend the popular shindig. Among the lucky winners was one Tumelo Maphalala who was equally excited to make a return to her favorite chill out spot, Bojanala Waterfront this past Sunday after a long spell, and below is her experience…

I was given an opportunity to attend the October 2019 edition of Jam for Brunch after I won a ticket from a competition ran by Botswana Unplugged on their social media platforms, Twitter to be specific. 

As a diehard fan of this event, it was fairly easy for me to answer the three questions posed. Although I had not attended in many a year, since December 2015 to be exact, there was no way I would miss this one. 

Let me narrate how my Sundays are usually busy, thus I feared I would be extremely late if not miss it altogether. 

Fortunately, the event starts at 12 midday and ends at around 8 p.m. which made it possible to tweak my schedule. 

I caught it just as the tempo increased from around 4pm. Dressed in a light T-shirt, culottes and sneakers, I made my way to the event at Bojanala Waterfront in Gaborone. 

This was an outfit I had decided on impulsively as it was as relaxed as is the true nature of the affair. An alternative equally befitting may have been a maxi summer dress and sandals.

I witnessed the change in scenery as I left the chaos of the city and made my way to Bojanala Waterfront. The air was crisp and atmosphere tranquil offering the best environment for me to unwind after my own hectic day and week. 

Upon arrival I was met by many warm faces, smooth music, good food and drink as well as ample entertainment while fellow Jammers, young and old sat and unwound on the greenery of the venue overlooking Gaborone dam.

The event had partnered with mobile service provider such as BTC and activations were the order of the day. As a BTC customer already I politely declined the free sim-card offer but registered for their new service, SMEGA.  

In addition, Jam for Brunch has always been a platform for small businesses to display their products and services. Of all the stalls, I shall admit the first one to catch my eye was that of Donut Hut. 

At small price of P5 each, I indulged repeatedly- don’t judge me, I have a sweet tooth and who would say no to childhood favorites.  Artisan drinks were also on sale from mobile bar, Jelly Bean. My first drink was the Berry Lemonade which instantly captivated me. I later ordered their Rainbow Breeze. Befitting names if I can say the least. I did not know a local brand called Colour Palette offered custom-made popsicles which speaks to how informative Jam for Brunch can be. 

The brand offers both non-alcoholic and alcoholic popsicles per customer brief. I had their non-alcoholic berry Popsicle and can confidently say they are indeed skilled. The Meating Joint had Tswana cuisine on sale. I bought their samp and beans with relish (morogo) and tripe. I was ravenous and their food offered a belly-filling option. Virtual games from Axis 3D Virtual Tours were another hit amongst the Jammers. I however was rather scared to try but enjoyed watching those who did as they screamed and fell as they went through another realm of reality courtesy of the 3D videography.  

It was a bittersweet moment when I had to leave but my experience had rekindled my love for this event. I thoroughly enjoyed what and myself a great way to usher in the new month! If you have never been to this event, November 2019 sees Jam for Brunch celebrating its 5th birthday so what are you waiting for? See you there.

Tumelo is a young Motswana lady passionate about all things in life. She’s a Biologist by profession currently interning at Botswana Vaccine Institute but actively job-seeking too. A travel enthusiast as it allows for her to interact with all forms of life in the great outdoors.  She is often viewed as having peculiar tastes but truth is she lives for the finer and simple things in life.

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