Prince Kaybee crosses over with new EP, #Crossovermusic

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, October 2019 – PRINCE KAYBEE has built a brand synonymous with excellence and musical consistency edging his name in the South African music history books as one that came conquered and is now exporting his art to the rest of the world.

The DJ/Producer held a launch recently attended by media and entertainment personalities who came to witness a pivotal point in the artist’s career, a moment of elevation and migration onto greater heights. CROSSOVER MUSIC is a nine-track EP (EP refers to Extended Play: A body of work between a single and a full album) moving the DJ into an international playing field.

Prince Kaybee
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It’s been a big year for Prince Kaybee with Re Mmino certified GOLD on day of release, achieving 56 MILLION STREAMS within two months of release as well as ‘Fetch Your Life’ and ‘Gugulethu’ becoming the biggest singles of 2019 on the streets, on various SADC radio stations and international playlists.

The most anticipated album of the year became a nationwide favourite because of its undeniable danceability and its genuine aptness to tug on our heart strings. We could bop and sway our frustrations away while we allowed Msaki’s heartfelt lyrics in ‘Fetch Your Life’ to inspire us to continue another day.

Icarus, the Bristol – UK based Producer duo remixed ‘Fetch Your Life’ opening Kaybee to a UK market, which also saw the track being played on UK’s Radio 1 station. This new era in his career is marked by a journey of Dance music domination across all territories around the world.

Less than nine months later, Prince Kaybee returns with an EP that will evoke all the same emotions as its predecessor and be just what we need to carry us into summer 2019 and straight into 2020. CROSSOVER MUSIC speaks of his artistic progression. The EP’s name was motivated by a hunger to produce music for people of all ages, demographics and nationalities so they may fall in love with House Music all over again.

CROSSOVER MUSIC features the distinct Prince Kaybee sound with ‘MONASI’ featuring Indlovukazi and ‘NDIMLO’ featuring Nhlanhla Nciza but also displays his musical evolution with tracks such as ‘LIVING ON THIS LOVE’ featuring LA-based Zhao, ‘SEARCHING FOR YOU’ featuring Brendan Praise and ‘PHUMULA’ featuring Thulz.

A surprising feature is the Gugulethu Remix with AKA laying down verses to the widely loved banger. “All my collaborations are organic and happen naturally, I don’t like forcing things. I work off energies; AKA and I have met quite a number of times and we always just got along hence he jumped on the Gugulethu remix. People are going to love this one!”, says Kabelo.

A standout crowd favourite ‘NDIMLO’ features one half of the legendary South African duo Mafikizolo. Nhlanhla Nciza has a warm, deep tone that perfectly complements Prince Kaybee’s production making for a highlight collaboration.

“I have always wanted to work with Nhlanhla, she is a national treasure who has contributed greatly to our industry”.

Minnie and Brenden Praise are former Idols South Africa contestants the DJ has worked with on ‘IMBOKODO’ and ‘SEARCHING FOR YOU’ respectively; granting them an opportunity to showcase their talent on a greater stage and affording them the push of crossing over into a bigger global market with the superstar Producer.

IMBOKODO is an ode to all the women who have been oppressed and silenced, telling them to recognize their power. Women are powerful! Women are strong! Women are life-givers!


Nhlanhla Nciza, Zhao, Minnie, Brenden Praise, Thulz, Ngasii are new vocal features that each bring a unique essence to the EP while some old favourites like Indlouvkazi, Afrobrotherz and Supta allow room for nostalgia to flourish. Somehow, Prince Kaybee manages to add sprinkles of various genres, complimented by some distinct Eurocentric dance elements in such a personal way that he is still able to maintain his signature sound.

CROSSOVER MUSIC is a strong love letter to Dance Music that will effortlessly create vibes for years to come.

LISTEN TO THE EP HERE: https://pk.lnk.to/CrossOverMusicEP

Prince Kaybee feat. Minnie – Imbokodo
Prince Kaybee ft Indlovukazi – Monasi
Prince Kaybee ft AKA, Indlovukazi, Afrobrotherz & Supta – Gugulethu Remix
Prince Kaybee ft Nhlanhla – Ndimlo
Prince Kaybee ft Brenden Praise – Searching for You
Prince Kaybee ft Thulz – Phumula
Prince Kaybee ft Ngasii – Sondela
Prince Kaybee ft Zhao – Living on This Love
Prince Kaybee ft Nhlanhla (Edited Version) – Ndimlo

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