Men’s Guide to travel in style for every upcoming trip

Men’s fashion has come a long way. People are more concerned about their style than they ever were. However, keeping up the style game isn’t just about the regular days. It is equally important to stay fashionable, even while traveling. In addition to fun, traveling is also about looking cool. Whether you’re going for work or leisure, looking dapper is of utmost importance. A common mistake that most men make while styling themselves is that they give up comfort for fashion. Here’s a guide to travel in style for every upcoming trip without compromising comfort:


Shoes hold an essential position in your travel wardrobe. You don’t have to pack multiple pairs of shoes every time you set out for a trip. Just a few regular ones will do. An important thing to keep in mind is that you must always carry shoes as per the kind of trip that you are going for. If it is a business trip, always take a pair of formal shoes. If it is a leisure trip, carry a pair of sneakers or casual shoes. Also, it is not a bad idea to carry a pair of flip flops on any trip.


Hats are one of the essential add-ons for your outfit when you’re on the move. In addition to style, they add a great sense of functionality as you carry them. Those summer vacations and beach trips are only enjoyable when you carry a hat to protect yourself from the sun. At the same time, they look very classic and trendy when you pair them with your clothes while exploring a city or visiting a cafe in the evening.


Probably one of the most stylish accessories to the sport, shades are an essential addition to your travel kit. A pair of sunglasses can drastically change your look and make you look trendy at any time of the day. Apart from that, they provide an excellent barrier to the harmful rays of the sun. Always choose sunglasses that complement your face shape and contours. All men who aim to look stylish must carry a pair of sunglasses when they travel.


Your style statement starts with the choice of your shirt. If the shirt you choose makes you uncomfortable and sweaty then no amount of styling will save you from the discomfort. While choosing the fabric, a wrinkle-free material might tempt you but they tend to feel itchy in the long run. It is always a good idea to invest in a 100% pure cotton shirt which is trendy as well as comfortable. Choosing the type of shirt purely depends on the type of trip you are taking. For business trips, always choose your pants according to the selection of your shirts.


When it comes to bottom wear, it is highly essential to keep the comfort level high. An international flight in a skinny pair of ripped jeans is not a good idea. The number of choices that come when choosing bottom wear is quite high. A pair of cargo pants are an excellent choice because it looks stylish, feels comfortable, and is highly functional, thanks to its multiple pockets. Also, pairing cotton joggers with a hoodie is a great way to travel comfortably at night without compromising on style.

Messenger bags

Most men don’t realize the importance of backpacks and messenger bags until they understand the functionality and style quotient of these bags. They put a finishing touch to your transit look and complement all your clothes, be it casual or formal. These bags can prove to be a life savior during business trips as they can hold all your important documents and files. Many types of messenger bags are available to choose from according to your frequency and type of trip.


When talking about clothes, carrying them nicely is as essential as wearing them correctly. Your luggage will be treated harshly at all airports and will be subject to mishandling and throwing. Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest in a good quality travel bag. Most bags these days come in different colors and styles. These bags are sturdy enough to handle all the mishandlings and also come with wheels so that it is easy for you to carry them around.


Cosmetic products for men are an absolute necessity when traveling. A shaving kit along with deodorant and sunscreen is a must-have in your luggage. Sunscreens offer protection from harmful sun rays. Antiperspirants keep the sweat away that might otherwise spoil your entire look. A good quality moisturizer is also essential to keep your skin fresh and hydrated during long flights.


It is never enough to wear the right outfit. Certain accessories like bracelets add a sense of style to your outfit. However, travel accessories also include things like travel pouches, passport covers, travel diaries, and so on. You might also like to carry this scratch off map of the world, which is a wonderful asset for frequent travelers. Adding such accessories shows that a person is sorted and graceful about all things related to travel as well as fashion.

Packing tips

Packing your belongings smartly is as important as looking good when you travel. Not only does it preserve the shape of your clothes, but it also makes room for proper placement of all the other things and accessories. There are many guides available on the internet that teach you about the way to pack your luggage. A neatly packed luggage prevents wrinkles and therefore makes your necessary clothes look stylish as ever. Always try to carry things that are necessary for your trip. Bringing unwanted items only creates a hassle.

Follow these tips to look stylish and crisp every time you travel.

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