Donald reveals what ‘Her name is’ in brand new album

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 2019 – South African Afro-soul singer, songwriter, recording artist and entertainer, originally from the town of Rustenburg, in the North-West province, Donald Moatshe recently shared his journey with the media, friends and fans at Universal Music Africa in Rosebank.

This marked the culmination of a 10-year long journey of excellence, pushing boundaries and creating music that is forever etched in the wall of classical South African music. The first instalment was Donald in 2010, Train of Love in 2012, Black and White in 2014, Black & White 2.0 DJ Edition in 2015, The Red Mic Xperience DVD in 2017, Something More in 2017 and now the 10 year mark is celebrated with HER NAME IS – a 20-track double disc broken down into an Afro-Pop collection contrasted with the signature House sound we known Donald for.

The love crooner has flipped the script and reinvented himself on his new fifth studio album Her Name Is. The double disc package boasts 20 hit after hit tracks with the first half dedicated to House music, a sound which has offered many of his classics and the second half is a collection of emotive Afro-Soul ballads comprising of released singles ‘Ngiyaz’fela’ and ‘Mina Nawe’.

Donald sings in isiZulu and Setswana and there is a lot more soul and sincerity in the music.

“This album shows my growth and what I have been through I recent years. It was hard making this album because I was so vulnerable and in a space where I wanted to play around with the music in my head and heart”.

The album artwork is an old faded photograph of himself, a 14 year old Donald growing up in Rustenburg to drive home the fact that putting Her Name Is was not a glamorous affair, instead it humbled him and reminded him of his roots. It represents a time when he was young, filled with dreams about pursuing music, where it might take him. Ten years in mainstream South African music is not an easy or trivial feat and should be celebrated.

“There is a lot in life that has humbled me. I’ve experienced so much in the past three years and the difficulties are encapsulated in this album,’ he shares.

Her Name Is was inspired an old love which became Donald’s muse. The album was written out of a place of confusion, loneliness and reflection on past love experiences; both good and bad. As such the album has proven to be a cathartic exercise.

He opens the dance section with ‘Thixo’, a Xhosa prayer to God, set to tribal beats to keep the woman he loves safe. On ‘Move On’ he seeks to find a solution and move from the negative after having an issue with a woman. Donald teams up with Dr Moruti on ‘Ixesha’ and features vocalist Zanda Zakuza on the cheeky song that should set the dancefloors alight.

He sings about the purity of love in ‘Love’. ‘I didn’t know anything else because my mother taught me that loving another person was a natural thing,’ he remembers.His collaboration with DJ Tira, Zanda Zakuza and Prince Bulo on ‘Sanctuary Love’ has already proven a hit with music lovers.

Tables turn on the ballad side with the melodic ‘Ngiyazfela’ featuring Mlindo the Vocalist where Donald sings about unrequited love from a woman he is madly in love with.

South African Afro-soul singer, Donald Moatshe

He picks it up with ‘Mina Nawe’‘I was angry, hurt and a bit cocky telling this woman that she will remember me’. The song carries exciting influences of maskandi and the mbaqanga guitar and he predicts it will be a wedding and festive season anthem.

The traditional influences and rhythms further permeates through on ‘Stimela Sam’featuring Thabsie with spectacular results.He goes classic love song on ‘Uzobukhona’ featuring Caysoul Musiq, a heartfelt and sincere rendition about commitment to each other and love.

He pays an ode to the beauty of a woman in ‘Naledi Ya Mafifi (Kubuhlungu)’featuring Phindy Dube, in which he asks the woman to return to his arms.There’s a lot in this album that will surprise many as Donald embarks on uncharted creative territory telling beautiful tales.

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