5 technologies that will impact the future of Interior Design

We live in a technological era, where the digital world rules the physical realms. Our smartphones handle our appointments. Our home security is now over internet surveillance systems. Technology is entering every field and making our lives easier. The present technology is going to revolutionize interior design too! Here are five technologies that will impact the future of interior design.

1.  Smart Homes

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Artificial Intelligence has caught up with us outside of sci-fi movies and in the real world. Now smart assistants rule our lives! Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa – these are technologies leading the field of smart integration and automation. Now, these assistants can collaborate with a lot of home appliances to make your home a smart home. Sonneman lighting is a big player in the field of smart lighting. Just say the words and your assistant will change the color and intensity of lights in the room according to your wishes! You no longer need to get up from the bed or couch to flick a switch.

There are smart switches on the market these days that interface directly with your virtual assistant. Smart home technologies are developing very fast, and every day comes with a new gadget that makes life easier for us. Smart home technologies will surely have a huge impact on interior design.

2.  Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality is not a new technology; it has been around for a while now. If you use Snapchat filters, then you have used Augmented Reality and you know what it is. Augmented Reality is a technology that uses a device such as a tablet, smartphone, eye headset, etc to superimpose three-dimensional objects generated by a computer into the user’s real environment in real life.

Using this technology, game developers are enhancing the gaming experience by making interactive content in the real world. Inspired by this is a new class of design tools that use Augmented Reality to project life-size furnishings and other interior decor items onto your rooms so that the customer can see how they would look together. You can design your whole room before even buying anything.

Just imagine looking at furnishings at an online store and being able to instantly visualize how they look in your living space. This feat is possible with Augmented Reality. You can also interact with the AR furnishings and set the angles of the furniture or decor items using this technology. This technology is making substantial advancements in the field of interior design. Augmented Reality is going to have a big impact on this field in the future.

3.  3D Printing

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3D printing is every bit as fancy as it sounds. 3D printing is the process of creating tangible three-dimensional objects from a computerized model. With the advent of the age of 3D printing, the avenues for design exploration are endless. Designers can now add precise, detailed and elegant designs to functionality and create furniture that amazes the mind. Any design that you can imagine and model on a computer, an interior designer can reproduce it in real life using this technology. 3D printed furniture calls for perfect designing before the printer ‘prints’ the object layer by layer. This designing ensures that the end product is what the customer envisioned. This technology is revolutionizing interior design and will have a lot of impact on the future of interior design.

4.  Sustainable Design

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Sustainable development is an umbrella term that includes all the development that does not compromise the ability of our future generations to meet their needs. ‘Sustainable’ – the term means any development that we can sustain. This concept focuses on using renewable resources. It also endorses recycling and reducing wastage. An approach to the sustainable development of houses is the Tiny Home project. A lot of people have started desiring simpler and smaller living spaces.

The tiny homes use minimalistic design and efficient energy and water use options. This new technology is making significant changes to the rules of interior design. Sustainable development demands that nothing in the house can stay just for aesthetic purposes.  Every little space should be functional. Customers want to live a simplified life, away from the clutter of too many possessions. The customers also desire sleek and modern tiny homes and do not want to compromise on the design for sustainability. This technology is on the rise and it will have a major impact on interior design in the future.

5.  Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is a state of the art technology that uses special headgear (for example Virtual Reality goggles) to transport the user into a virtual environment. This technology makes a virtual environment the reality, hence the term “Virtual Reality”. This technology finds its use in a plethora of applications such as gaming and healthcare training. This technology is also making headway into the interior design industry. Sophisticated new tools use Virtual Reality to help the interior designers design entire homes without the cost of actually building it. Virtual Reality reduces the cost of the final production. The customers can take a walk inside virtually designed rooms and see how the design looks. The customers can suggest changes and see the altered design at virtually no cost. This technology makes visualizing the final design very easy. Virtual Reality will have a significant impact on the world of interior design.

The technology is changing and developing rapidly. These are five technologies that will make an impact on interior design. At the end of the day when you come home tired, you will be able to relax in a living space that changes according to your needs. A home that your interior designer built precisely the way you want it to be. This boon is the power and influence of technology on interior design.

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