Steve Harvey vows to tap into Botswana’s television industry panorama

GABORONE, BOTSWANA — The visiting American all-round media personality, Broderick Stephen Harvey popularly known as Steve Harvey whose career spans comedy, radio, television, producer, actor, and author – is in the country at the invitation of his friend and president of Botswana H.E Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi.

Steve Harvey with Presidential Affairs Minister Nonofo Molefhi.

The two met last year in November during the DeBeers Diamond Conference and according to Harvey, Masisi has become the second black president he has sat with after Barack Obama thus rubbing into his vision of his presidency to return to Botswana and continue his legacy of uplifting the youth.

Steve Harvey

Speaking to the media after touring the mass media complex yesterday – a state owned broadcaster in Gaborone, Harvey said it was paramount to adhere to president Masisi’s call and bring the USA television experts to unpack the untapped Botswana media industry talent.

An actor in his childhood life, Masisi has been actively engaging with the arts industry since assuming the highest office.

“This is my first time to come to mass media complex and I am impressed by this facility – it’s an amazing place. The facility is huge, in America there is no black person that has this, black entertainment no longer belong to us anymore, this is the first facility of this magnitude owned by black people that has an enormous potential. So I come here to give it a thought before we meet tomorrow (Wednesday) with Masisi. I have brought with me some Hollywood experts that have done Emmy’s, Grammy’s, OSCARS and BET productions to help me measure how much jobs and expertise we will need to turn things up, so yes I am here to bring my expertise too,” he explained.

“For us to come here and stick our flag in Botswana it feels like coming back home and this is because of President Masisi’s vision. I am impressed further by Masisi’s vision for the youth. We are Africans, we fought so hard to be where are. This is where we belong and we are coming to create jobs,” he reminded the media personnel at Mass media complex.

When answering questions from the media personnel, Yandile Nuku of Duma FM asked Harvey if he’s coming to partner with already established media houses to create more jobs and find new media ways to monetize.

“It’s always best to partner, Batswana are already here with the structure, how can I come here and do television without Batswana. What do I know about Batswana? My goal is to uplift, my legacy is to teach young people. I want to show Batswana how to elevate,” said Harvey.

Keitirele Matlhape of government media told Harvey that the mass media could still perform to its full potential.

“I have been on television since I was 38, what Botswana have is untapped and we have to rise beyond this level, it can produce so much. I was a woman who was doing two jobs – a visual mixer and a director and in the US that job is not for women, so if we further put specialization, that’s two jobs for two people so employment will be doubled,” said Matlhape.

For her part, Rorisang Mogojwe of Gabz FM also asked on Harvey’s vision to roll out his master plan.

“I am following on President Masisi’s vision, I am privileged to have listened to him last time I was here. Of course you will need money to make money, I am in the moneymaking business. So that’s is how it’s going to roll. I will meet the authorities here too to make this a realization,” he concluded.

Harvey’s TV filmography includes starring in his own sitcom and hosting a long-running game show. He now adds a talk show to the list with this hour-long entry into the daytime talk game. Harvey, whose media work also includes hosting a morning radio show, brings a humorous, common sense approach to everyday problems as he interviews real people with real issues. Harvey draws from his own life experiences as he covers a range of topics that include relationships, finances, parenting, workplace issues and friendship.

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