Top 7 Monsoon Style Tips For Fashion-Forward Men

Monsoon is all about enjoying warm drinks and a cool breeze at the porch. The rain waters your soul most unpredictably. The weather seems enchanting until you need to step out of the house. It gets even more difficult if you’re a fashion-forward man who wishes to appear presentable always. To keep your fashion game strong as it pours, you need to follow certain rules. Avoiding specific clothes proves to be beneficial during the rainy season.

Slay the monsoon look with the best outfits that are both waterproof as well as classy. Whether it’s a basic t-shirt or a formal shirt, everything looks astonishing during this romantic season. You just need to pair it up and create something creative out of it.

Keep reading to know the tips and tricks to rock your monsoon look within seconds.

Stock Your Closet With Denim

To tackle the monsoon season, you need something that doesn’t get wet easily. One of the most sought after material that serves the purpose perfectly is denim. Amongst all the fabrics, denim is comparatively more waterproof and durable. For this monsoon, fill up your wardrobe with denim pants and shirts. Go ahead and experiment with several colours of denim.

While the basic blue works with everything, other shades like grey and black appear classy too. Pair up your shirts and tees with the best pair of denim.

Light Cotton Apparel For The Rains

Are you a gym enthusiast who boasts a perfect body and an attractive physique? If yes, then monsoon is the season for you. Opt for cotton shirts and tees to show off that huge bicep skillfully. You can easily make the muscles visible as the monsoon rains begin. Also, the cotton material provides an additional benefit of durability. You can enjoy the rain multiple times in that cotton shirt without the fear of damaging it.

Overall, light-coloured cotton fabric works best in the rains. Along with providing better ventilation, it allows you to stay classy as well as comfortable.

Carry Umbrella That Compliments Your Attire

As crazy as it might seem, carrying an umbrella that matches with your outfit can transform your aura. A well-planned outfit appears elegant and attracts many. After you’re done planning the best outfit, look out for an attractive umbrella. You can also take a good rain-coat for a seamlessly astonishing look.

Not only does it keep you away from the water, but also maintains the appeal of your outfit. A basic white tee with denim pants and light blue umbrella is the classic monsoon outfit.

Transform The Dull Weather With Colors

It’s about time that you keep the basic whites and blacks away. This monsoon, go for the vibrant colours that make you look classy. Be it orange, red or even green, every colour appears stylish when paired up with the right pants and accessories.

Make the dullness of the monsoon disappear with your colourful attire. Pair up a red tee with light blue denim and leather boots to get the much-needed colour.

Choose The Most Appropriate Footwear

Along with your clothes, even the footwear needs to be top-notch and classy. Avoid wearing easily wettable shoes. During the monsoon season, keep the canvases away and start wearing leather shoes. Be aware of the weather and know that the dampness might set in anytime. You need to be extra cautious about your attire during the rains.

So, opt for the shoes that go well with the weather and rock the rains.

Must-Have Accessories For The Monsoon

Accessories are the turning point that sets your outfit straight and enchanting. While creating the best monsoon look, you must incorporate the accessories as well. There are certain essential accessories like waterproof watch, rain-coat, bracelets and water-resistant bag that you must carry. Mens beaded bracelets are one such versatile accessory option.  You can also get some watches or simple chain bracelets.

Apart from that, you also need to take care of your footwear. Carry some leather boots or flip-flops to take care of your previous formal shoes. Don’t forget to carry the monsoon essentials. Go ahead and reflect your style with the best accessories and clothes.

Skip The Pants, Go With Shorts

Another life-saving advice during the rains is to wear shorts. Whether it’s a denim Capri or cotton shorts, you can wear absolutely anything. Save your expensive denim and rock the monsoons with something shorter. Don’t let the shorts stay in the wardrobe for long. Take them out and create stylish outfits.

Final Verdict

As the rains begin, you need to modify your fashion game a bit. Shorts over trousers, cotton over linen and waterproof watch over fancy chain ones are some crucial replacements for the season. Keep your style high and wear fancy outfits with confidence. Don’t let the rains dull your sparkle.

GUEST POST BY: Emma Gill (Content Marketing Executive)

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