South African R&B and Hip-Hop artist Tshego is expected to perform at Cigar Lounge in Gaborone at the end of the month (August 31st). Tshego’s new song, “No Ties” features House sensation, King Monada after the two contacted each via Instagram. “No Ties” is the first song Tshego has released singe joining Universal Music Africa. The song is a single from the artist’s upcoming solo debut album Pink Panther, which is due to release this August month end…

Briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Tshego; producer, song writer, singer, rapper, musician, all-round.

How did your musical career begin and how has it been thus far?
It began just by being intrigued by music, and understanding that I had an above average understanding of it. I just kept working and I was clearly good at it, hence I decided to make it my thing. The journey so far has been amazing and I know it’s only the beginning. Pink Panther is about to drop now, which is what I have been working on for the longest of time.

Your collaboration with King Monada in “No Ties”, how did this happen, and did it turn out the way you expected it?
It happened on Instagram, after I listened to a lot of his music when he was trending. I was just genuinely a fan, so when I made that beat I thought who could I get on it and his name popped up first in my head. I DM’ed him on Instagram, then WhatsApp-ed him the beat, he then WhatsApp-ed me his verse, and the rest is history. It actually exceeded my expectations, as you can tell by the turn out man.

Please share with us the inspiration behind the song, the genre, and the musical influences in it, and why you saw the need to work with King Monada
The inspiration was just like spring time, good vibes, dancing coz we like to keep it moving, we like to keep shaking as Africans. So why not, and spring is about to hit us now, perfect timing. Genre, I don’t know man, you guys will have to tell me. I don’t like to put myself under any umbrellas or in any boxes, so it’s music, up-tempo I guess you may say it’s got the Afro beat type vibe. You know I don’t want to put myself in a box coz once I say that people are going to expect everything else to fall under that which is the furthest thing from the truth.

This is the first song you’ve released since joining Universal Music Group (UMG), what do you think the label saw in you and what more can we look forward to moving forward?
I think the label saw a lot of untapped potential, hard worker because of my track record speaks for itself. The quality of the music speaks for itself. With the label you can expect a lot of movement on the brand side of things. You can expect my brand to get bigger. Hopefully you can expect to see me across borders more, especially overseas, that’s the goa.

Before joining UMG, where were you and what prompted you to sign up?
Before UMG I was at Family Tree for about 3 – 4 years. It was just time that I signed up with UMG. I let Family Tree run its course in my life, and as soon as you realise that you’ve done everything that you could do, the next natural thing is for progression. I had to progress and UMG to me seemed like the right people to progress with. Clearly they are doing over and above what I expected them to do for me.

What Botswana artists have you collaborated with in the past, and what other Botswana-based artists would you like to work with in future and why?
Veezo View man, that’s my boy, that’s my brother, brother, brother. We’ve done a lot of work and we still have a lot of work, which hasn’t been heard and I hope he’s going to put it in his project. Ban-T is also my boy, we did the Naomi Remix together and I’m sure we’ll do some other stuff together soon for his project. Vee Mampeezy man, I’m really trying to work with that brother, I told him this a long time ago, so I just need to get serious and lock it in with him. I like his vibe and that’ll be another feature that people wouldn’t have expected.  

You’ll be performing in Botswana on August 31st, please tell us more about this upcoming gig, and what should your Botswana fans look up to?
Yeah, 31st I’m in Botswana at a place called Cigar Lounge, a day after my album Pink Panther drops. The gig itself  man, I’m just hoping people know the lyrics to the album, I’m expecting my Botswana supporters and family to be out there in numbers, my day ones to be out there singing the songs, that were released the day before. I know that’s a lot but I know my Botswana people got me. Expect a lot of energy, always we bring the music, energy, you know we bring the vibe.

You album will be released on August 31st, what biggest sacrifices did you make to get to this point?
Yo, I had to sacrifice a lot of time man. My family don’t see me, and haven’t seen me in years. That’s the sacrifice. Funerals, weddings, family gatherings etc. that’s what I had to sacrifice and just focusing on this thing; eyes on the prize.

What else do you have up your sleeves/projects in the pipeline etc.?
I’m trying to really help out the kids man. I want to open a foundation and it’s not around musicians. I’m more interested in helping the creatives who aren’t trying to be stars but are just trying to create, visual artists etc.  

Where do you see yourself in say the next 5 years, Africa-wise and globally, in as far as your musical career is concerned?
I see myself being prominent, being a household name in as many continents as possible, touring the world over, and just moving with our borders. Musically, I’m just going to keep pushing more content and just trying to reach more people across the world. That’s the goal, I’m trying to spread this music man, the love, my name, as wide as possible

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