BIH supports stakeholders learn the art of Business Angel Investing

GABORONE, Botswana, August 2019/ — The Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) in partnership with the National Strategy Office (NSO) will next week Wednesday (7th August 2019) host an Angel Investing Masterclass for potential investors. The Masterclass will be facilitated by an investor expert Harry Tomi Davies. Davies is a renowned international speaker, Angel Investor, Collaborator-in-Chief at TechnoVision, co-founder of the Lagos Angel Network and President of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN).

The Angel Investing Masterclass will run parallel to a series of activities within the 2019 Global Expo Botswana Programme at Fairgrounds, Gaborone. Angel investment plays a critical role in supporting start-ups and also provide an alternative investment opportunity for high net-worth individuals.

The Masterclass is intended to support initiatives that promote entrepreneurship development as outlined in the National Roadmap under the Finance and Knowledge Intensive Business Service Cluster.

The objective is also to cultivate a culture of early stage start-up investing in Botswana. Participants in the Masterclass will learn the critical steps and key concepts to succeed in early stage start-up investing.

“Through the Angel Investing Masterclass, we want to fulfil the desire for knowledge about start-up investing amongst our stakeholders. By imparting knowledge, we want to empower high net worth individuals, who have an interest to support the next generation of Botswana start-ups, to identify innovative projects and entrepreneurs to invest and seize opportunities of business growth and wealth creation. We are grateful to Global Expo Botswana for an opportunity to feature an Angel Investing Masterclass,” said Alan Boshwaen, BIH Chief Executive Officer.

Sir Richard Branson with Pat Dambe at the Global Expo 2017.

In addition to the Masterclass, Davies will conduct an Angel Investing general awareness session for different stakeholders. Start-ups attending the awareness session will learn how to prepare and position their businesses for investing readiness.

Botswana Innovation Hub has been incorporated as a company duly registered under the laws of Botswana to develop and manage Botswana’s first science and technology park.

“We contribute to the country’s economic development and competitiveness by creating new scientific, technological, and indigenous knowledge-based business opportunities. The Innovation Hub adds value to existing companies, foster entrepreneurship and technology transfer, generate knowledge-based jobs, and attract innovative companies and institutions to set-up their businesses at the Botswana Innovation Hub’s science and technology park.”

What is an Angel Investor?
An angel investor is usually a high net worth individual who provides financial backing for start-ups or entrepreneurs. Often, angel investors are found among an entrepreneur’s family and friends. The funds that angel investors provide may be a one-time investment to help the business get off the ground or an ongoing injection to support and carry the company through its difficult early stages, https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/angelinvestor.asp

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