Debutant Lorraine’s Motheo album enjoys massive airplay

GABORONE, BOTSWANA — Local radio stations are listening to the newly-hatched and melodic sounds of Lorraine Ditsebe. The new kid on the block has just released her 12-track debut studio album dubbed Motheo. Although new to music, Ditsebe is not entirely a newbie to the showbiz industry as she rose to fame as a model, her passion being pageantry.

Speaking to #BotswanaUnplugged this week, Ditsebe said although she has fully answered her musical calling at a later stage in her career, growing up she has always wanted to be a singer.

“I have always been involved in music from a young age. My singing back dates from 2003 to 2005 in Mogoditshane during my primary schooling where our choir always won the regional competitions and my love for music grew since then. 

Later I joined St Joseph’s College jazz band led by one Mr. Ncaagae as a vocalist from 2010 to 2011.I just auditioned and got the part. Deep down I just wanted to boost my confidence by being on stage, to make friends and get a chance to play around with music instruments during rehearsals,” she recalls.

The versatile Afro Soul House songstress says she likes to allow her voice to bring out the music in different styles, but her natural voice is jazzy afro soul. “It’s fun to fuse it with other genres especially during features which are in my album. I write my own songs, I also share my hopes and joy with people through my music,” said Ditsebe.

As a debutant musician, Ditsebe seems to have studied the settings of the entertainment scene and already has a few solutions up her sleeves to keep her musical dream burning and on top. 

“Our music is growing. We have a huge potential.  I think we need a change of governance within the showbiz industry to make solid decisions that protect our talents and help us take our music to the world. We must also enact and impose laws that allow us to prioritize local music over international compositions especially those that play in our local radio stations. Let’s brand our own and sell our own,” said Ditsebe. 

The vivacious lass’ Motheo album has some legendary status as it feature seasoned artists like SCAR, Tshepo Lesole, Ammo Ski Mask and DJ Chabo.

“SCAR is legendary in the hip hop scene. I grew up watching his music. I came to him with respect for his talent, Motswako rappers are few in Botswana and young Motswako rappers can learn a lot from him. AMMO Ski Mask is fresh new style.

His image is what the current generation jam to. I liked his voice and his understanding to sounds. Lukka is amazing with his vocals. I wanted that twist. His energy in music is contagious. DJ Chabo, I liked his skill as a DJ from Flavor Dome.” The album is currently available at Mmamontle Store in Molapo Crossing Mall as well as online.

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