GABORONE, BOTSWANA — 25-year-old Kutlo Lemmenyane popularly known as MC Fela was born in Lobatse but now lives in the capital city, Gaborone. The vivacious Lobatse lass looks up to Yarona FM presenter and MC, Loungo Pitse as her role model in the showbiz industry.

She says picking Loungo is influenced by both the professionalism and enthusiasm the latter puts on his craft. MC Fela can be spotted at Marriott Premium Lounge where she co-hosts at Gaborone’s Block 6 lounge. Single and perhaps searching, she is this week’s crush…

What do you like doing during your spare time?

I YouTube a lot. I’m also a reader, currently on Becoming (by) Michelle Obama.

Who is your celebrity crush?

I don’t have one for now; so they better dress up, show up maybe I will choose wisely.

Are you single?

Proudly so, yes I am single.

How would someone get your special attention?

A down-to-earth person who’s selfless and loves adventure.

What has been your worst/best date?

I’ve never really been on a date. You think I’ve been on a date, all so far don’t qualify as date. Let them try harder.

Would you date a fan?

My future boyfriend is going to be my fan so hell yeah!

What would you change your name to?

I’m happy with the names I have.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Compulsive liars.

What’s your most annoying habit?

I joke on serious situations; I don’t like tense moments so I’d be trying to ease things up a lil, LOL!

Do you ever get used to being a celebrity?

I’m not a celebrity, but I think one day I will figure how to live with the title.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mother, a superwoman that one!

Do you speak any language?

Setswana and a bit of English yes!

Where would you like to visit?

CKGR, Okavango, Bali and Paris.

If you were not famous what would you be up to?

Lol, again, I am not a celebrity. But I think I will still be doing what I do. It’s my comfort zone.

Who is the messiest person you know?

Hehe! I’m am not about to be disowned.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

When Judge Michael Leburu said, “criminalizing same sex is not in the public interest. Discrimination has no place in this world. Human rights are human rights everywhere for everyone.”

What message would love to give your fans?

Love and believe in yourself, do what makes you absolutely happy.

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