Editors Forum demands newsroom training on digital migration

Gaborone, Botswana — Botswana’s Editor’s Forum (BFF) chairperson, Spencer Mogapi has decried lack of fresher training which he noted hinders our newsrooms to adapt to new media despite the availability of all resources transform.

Speaking during the one-day workshop hosted by Botswana Fibre Network (BOFINET) Telco Media Workshop on Tuesday at Masa Square Hotel in Gaborone, Mogapi said although the newsrooms could be making a fortune in advertisement online, Botswana’s Internet landscape also remains a struggle to the practice.

“The future of media is going digital or its gone digital – this is where the mode of communication is moving, however we can’t keep a blind eye to the fact that locally data is expensive and slow. Also that the internet remains a luxury and an urbanized entity, we need to change that so that digital migration can reach everyone anywhere.

It should also be noted that the introduction of digital media has killed many media outlets for mere reasons that they failed to capitalize on digital migration as they were depended on advertisement that steeply went down post 2008. We therefore need proper trainings on both ends – newsrooms and advertisers because they are the major stakeholders in this situation. Furthermore, I think it is time BOFINET instigates stiffer competitors to regulate prices.”

For his part BOFINET CEO Mabua Mabua expressed the same sentiments that journalists need further training to be able to report extensively on various matters. He said as the media is on transit from analogue to digital, stakeholders in his spectrum need to collectively offer trainings to various media outlets.

He however said although the core mandate of his organization is to provide and operate a world class telecommunications backbone network infrastructure which will drive connectivity and economic growth, they find themselves in a position where they cannot regulate prices of the internet as that remains the prerogative of  an Internet service provider (ISP). The workshop was attended by MISA Botswana executive, BFF, BOCRA and Ministry of Transport and Communication.

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