Unplugged’s top 10 stylish paparazzos of 2019

Back in the days when print was still king, before the revolution of the airwaves and the naissance of new age media, you could easily recognize the tribe from the Fourth estate.The Fourth Estate’ most commonly refers to the news media, journalism or ‘the press’. The term ‘Fourth Estate’ makes implicit reference to the earlier historical division of the Three Estates of the Realm: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.

They were the men who wore wrinkled shirts, sometimes used as jackets over a freebie T-shirt with a distressed collar, paired with wrinkled pants hanging too long over scuffed shoes tied with strings needing to be replaced.Their hair was usually unkempt and some sported dreadlocks.

Cameras hung heavy on their shoulders while their pockets bulged with pens, recorders, shrunken business cards, worn and ragged notebooks.And they were the women who wore untucked blouses and bulky sweaters, some usually sporting dreadlocks too.

Fast-forward to today, we now see a lot of effort and improvement put into our scribes’ daily outfits especially when they want to dress to impress thanks to all the red carpets affairs or any other high ranking corporate event.Here are the best-dressed men and women of the media in no particular order…

Phenyo Moalosi – BOPA/Daily News

The Botswana Press Agency (BOPA) photographer is quite a looker and continues to maintain his urbane style. Phenyo is always seen sporting a clean shaven look complimented by the trending #beardgang fad. Perhaps, one would say, it is a must for him to look prim and proper especially that his job description entails accompanying the first citizen (the President) whenever he’s assigned hence presentability is key. 

Peter Yuri – Freelance photographer
He rose to stardom courtesy of Lorraine’s’ Ntlo Maison restaurant as the in-house photographer and lately he has been following the presidential entourage around especially the first lady. Also getting international invites, Yuri hasn’t been shy to show off his wardrobe as equal as his camera skills. His scintillating work behind the lens has won him celebrity influence as he has been mingling with the likes of Thapelo Mokoena – a South African actor and television presenter best known for presenting the first season of the South African version of the reality competition Fear Factor in 2005, among many.

Pauline Dikuelo – Mmegi Newspaper
The award-winning Mmegi business section journalist is always looking sassy and ultrachic. Perhaps, being single has a lot to do with her dashing style. Just recently at the Stanbic Bank media appreciation soiree hosted at Avani hotel, Pauline was voted as the best dressed female. 

“Well, I believe people address you the way you dress. I mean one doesn’t have to wear an expensive label to look clean and smart. I think I am a good example of that and I like sticking to themes. Whenever I get an invitation to an event, I Google first then play around with ideas to come up with the look. My daily job also has moulded me to be the woman I am. As a business reporter, one has to always look presentable you always get an opportunity to mingle and interview people from the upper echelons of government or corporate world.”

Ontametse Sugar – The Patriot on Sunday
This vivacious looking belle had her media internship at eNCA in South Africa where journalists are given stipends to beef up their wardrobe hence she came to Botswana knowing very well that how you dress also determines and revs up one’s confidence too. 
“I have always loved looking good that I sometimes go somewhere not because I know it will be fun but just so I can play dress up and show off. I am never one to follow trends. I just love what looks good and simplicity and classy styles work for me. If you are a lifestyle journalist I will say you definitely go to many showbiz events, if in sports you go to a lot of games, if in business a lot of corporate events so what I do or dress in reflects my craft. I always make sure I dress comfortably for each and every event and will want to dress in a way that it is respectful to whatever audience I am dealing with at that moment. I know some fellow colleagues say they don’t care about dressing up but I do and I will always try and honour whatever theme might be there at each and every event I’m invited to or covering.”

Kennedy Ramokone – Mmegi Newspaper
Perhaps the only best dressing man at Mmegi newspaper. This should maybe time for his workmates to take a leave from his dressing acumen. Having joined Mmegi employ in 2015, Ramokone has three awards under his belt. He has won the2016 Thapong Photographer of the year, 2016 Copa Coca Cola photographer of the year and 2018 BTC Premier League photographer of the year.
“Dress code define my personality as well as my photography skills. People appreciate your work in as much as they recognize the value of how you look, and being presentable all the time helps.”

Moses Maruping – Botswana Unplugged 

Our publishing manager (editor) is a dedicated and passionate person-telling your chronicles in a fresh, relevant voice-to provoke change in behaviours. Describing himself as “one of those guys who’ve broken most of life’s rules,” Moses’ creative flair and competitive nature backed by sheer determination, have catapulted him to the top of the media industry.

“Writing is my passion and the idea that I have a duty to shed some light is more than enough motivation. “Our leader is always looking fashionable and smart even though at times he chooses a simple jean paired with a T-shirt and a unique cap. The world travelled scribe, photographer, blogger and overall creative also revolutionised the local #beardgang movement and continues to be a trailblazer in all affairs of the local media landscape.  One of his greatest traits is always smelling good too.

“According to Zig Ziglar, You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure. I just dress simple and labels don’t really matter to me, besides these are just expensive fabrics, which don’t necessarily look or make you feel good. However, I’m a sucker for Kurt Geiger blazers, torn jeans and unique handcrafted formal shoes. Whenever I step out into the unsuspecting world, I like to dress as I want to be addressed. However, lately I’ve been doing a lot of photography gigs, so I usually just grab a pair of stylish torn jeans, comfortable shirt or T-shirt and sneakers or my favourite military-styled Green Palladium waterproof boots and step out into the world. Smelling good is also key. I’m also a bona fide unique cap collector.”

Outsa Mokone – Sunday Standard
He is one of the most selfless publishers and editors of our times.  Having challenged several status quos in his career, Outsa is always a marvel to watch thanks to his pragmatic persona. His combination of erudite swag and humour will attract you to him instantaneously. Although, he may appear or look simple, one should always pay attention to the labels that spruce up his slim figure. Over time, he has been able to inspire most of his staff members and the entire media troops as a whole.

Gosego Motsumi – Botswana Gazette newspaper 

Gosego has spent almost 6 years in journalism as a lifestyle writer. She knows better that her beat will always take her to all the glitz and glamorous event where she will meet up with renowned celebrities. Hence she always comes to the party by looking sassy and turning into a fashion plate she has become. Her Instagram feed is testament to this trendsetter.

During her stint as a lifestyle reporter, she has met with many celebrities including Flavour, IK, Pato Ranking, Banky W, and Rita Dominic among others. “I personally believe dressing well is a form of good manners. I have always loved looking good way before journalism. What influences my dressing is firstly the mood I am in, the set dress code and I always go for comfort so I am able to do my job well.”

Martin Fanie – Yarona FM/Echo newspaper

Martin doubles as a sport writer for Echo newspaper and a sports caster/commentator for Yarona FM. As a self-professed ‘cotton eater’, Fanie is always looking dandy and candy to the eye.

“I am a sports journalist and I try by all means to align my dress code with my line of my work. When you are in the media you automatically become a role model and inspiration to many people, so how you look and present yourself, matters a lot. Dressing well doesn’t really require one to have a lot of money to buy clothes. You can still look good with whatever you have in your closet. Usually how I look on any day depends on who I am going to meet, where I am going or which event I am attending and who will be present at that particular event.

Jennifer Letshwiti – Urban Image

The 33-year-old Mochudi born photographer is the founder of Urban Image and former The Voice Newspaper photographer. For her, it’s the mood swings that determine her choice of clothing on any given day. “My mood dictates my sense of dress. I am a simple yet introverted person who would rather make a statement through a cloth or show off my mood without saying anything at all. I usually like my dress code to do the talking, yes toned down and yet unique and classy. I am a photographer so I never know where I might find myself, so I usually dress up to accommodate any gig or event. Also someone in my profession is always in the front row, so to me image is everything.”

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