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Some of the most memorable looks in fashion happened at the 5th annual Yarona FM Music Awards dubbed #YAMAs this past Saturday. From Massie Sithole’s avocado gown and Martin Fanie’s dazzling Red Jacket to Keno Suits’ uber-cool designs, we’re taking a look back at the most memorable looks from the biggest night in Botswana’s entertainment industry.

And just like any red carpet affair anywhere around the world, you should always expected the unexpected! 

Kagiso Sento

This angelic and foxy beauty is the wife of Botswana’s high-riding musician, Vee Mampeezy.Kagiso has been a consistent slayer especially if one checks her Instagram. She wore this beautifully alluring peacock tail gown, showing off her flawless and sexy legs. The finer lace detail on her bosom had many drooling. Big up Faddic BW who designed this beautiful gown and Maria DeAlmeida Prequiter for making sure Kagiso looks like a queen by touching her hair up. 

Masi Sithole
This Property For You presenter has a story to tell more than just an appearance on the red carpet. Just before the awards could even begin she was on her second gown of the night. “Well I don’t necessarily dress per theme of an event, on weekly bases alongside my cousin Motswafere we sit down and brainstorm my gowns. He literally draw them and we give to my private tailor to make. I never hire gowns coz I want to build a brand called Blaq Queen which will later be turned into a museum. According to Motswafere, the gown is an emerald green ball gown. They wanted to incorporate a glamour feel to the red carpet as she was also presenting an award. Because of the fabric it photographs beautifully. It has an underlying sheer finish, and the top part has an exaggerated bob tube. The colour was perfect against Masi’s clear skin and platinum blonde hair.

Martin Fanie
Inspired by Ricky Rick’s cotton eater signature suffix, Fanie was amongst the best dressed at the awards under the male category. “I was inspired by the theme. I decided my look and added a bit of modern style to it rather than taking it back to the yesteryears. My raspberry blazer had floral designs because back in the day floral prints were the bomb especially for corporate people. I consulted some of the fashion experts and their advice came with such an exquisite touch. With pants I knew white will match with everything so it became easy.”

Mothusi Lesolle

The iZaura founder always knows what he was doing. In fact, you’d think the #YAMAs were designed for him to inspire others. Lesolle of iZaura is an epitome of looking good, slaying and all things fashion. He made his own measurements and dressed himself and he was bleeding red from head to toe.

Matheah Molete

She is gradually blending into becoming an A-list socialite. The 31-year-old knows that for her floral company Azzani Design to gain more clientele and thrive, gracing and looking good at any showbiz event is a must. “This look was inspired by an old Hollywood Glam and The Great Gatsby, a shimmering dress, head wraps and strappy tip toes were a popular thing in the 1920s, sexy sheer dresses, were old Hollywood faves. Diana Ross was an inspiration, for this old Hollywood glam. The Dress was designed by Lulu Lucricia Tshetsana Lokwae with Style and make up by Motswafere.”

Phenyo Oaitse

The Mophato Dance Theatre choreographer and fashionista was one of the most a noticeable faces at the #YAMAs because of her revealing outfit. She was dressed by Artcappella. She was truly one of our favourite to snap.

Dilli Matenge

Owner of Dilli Matenge Architects, this suave gentleman has been slaying from time immemorial. Every time we see him, we are reminded of Irvin Randle; an American teacher and fashion model. On the internet he’s known for his stylish pictures, which earned him the title #MrStealYourGrandma and Irvin became famous when photos from his personal Instagram account, went viral.Dilli could very well be our own Irvin Randle. Dilli kept it real at the #YAMAs with this look! 

Keno Suits
Donald and Thobo are the obvious entrants for suave looking men at the #YAMAs. With an added advantage of owning a suits manufacturing agency, they just came to showcase what could be in their next clothing line for this summer or winter. Keep inspiring all of us gents! 

Mercy Thebe 
This graceful and divine self-made Goddess, Mercy was never gonna take any prisoners. With so many local fashion designers to choose from, she opted for the one and only stylist that has showcased at the New York Fashion Week, Delayna Scott with her make up done by Thomano Diamond Guru. She says her look was inspired by Grace Kelly. She truly served!

Rosemary Siele
She brought her A-game to the awards. Rose made an unforgettable entrance in this extravagant Quinceañera gown encrusted with beads and flowing with sparking tulle ruffles. She definitely stole the show.

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