Bouncy pleased about her raunchy #YAMAs performance

If there’s one person who’s not afraid to grab a chance to bask in the limelight it’s Bouncy. The sexy R’n’B singer is well known for her twerking, so it was hardly a surprise that she revelled in the opportunity to get up on stage during a performance at the recent Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs) hosted by the urban youth radio station, Yarona FM, which left everybody gasping for air.

Bouncy of “Serope Mpekerele” fame is one artist who has never shied away to get raunchy and saucy on stage, be it on national television or music shows, the erotic singer seems to enjoy taking to the stage and soaring temperatures unperturbed. The Botswana R&B sensation over the weekend broke the internet after her raunchy #YAMAs performance sent shuddering shockwaves across the country and beyond.


It was at the glittering #YAMAs where Bouncy left everybody breathless when she performed a rather raunchy routine which involved bumping and grinding all over stage and baring all her bums to the audience at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC). But as the crowd went wild, Bouncy continued to tease her fans by pulling away and carrying on with their raunchy moves. As she gyrated and moved to the music, the R’n’B singer seemed unbothered by the full-to-capacity GICC hall – serving everybody her ‘hot’ bums.

Bouncy performing at the #YAMAs where she also scooped two awards

Of course, the socialite was thrilled with her moment in the spotlight, as she recently spoke to #BotswanaUnplugged to share her delight adding that that was just another day in her musical craft and she has no regrets whatsoever. While many continue to express mixed feelings after her semi revealing pictures were shared on social media during the night of the awards, Bouncy had the last laugh as she scooped two awards, ‘Best Single Female’ and ‘Best Single R&B’…

Your recent performance at the #YAMAs left several tongues wagging, is this what you wanted and what influenced your outfit?

Well, as they say you can’t please everybody in life. This was my #IWearWhatIWant moment inspired by the recent local campaign on violence against women. I wore the outfit to express myself as an uninhibited performer who knows exactly what I want in life. I engaged Tsholo Dikobe of ‘The Khoi-Fro’ to style me and also Temogo Nakedi worked on part of my outfit as well. And yes, we did rehearse with the outfit before the awards’ performance so the whole team gave it a thumbs up. I also loved it too.

Are we going to see more of these raunchy moves in your performances in future?

Ha-ha! It will really depend on what the mood is really at the time. All I know is that if any of our local designers have a dope outfit which we fancy, whether regarded as too revealing or whatever, if we like it, we are surely going to wear it. Mind you, people will always talk, and one should never be confused between what people say you are and who you know you are. People will always talk about you, and one might as well give them something to talk about.

Well said! And once again congratulations on scooping the two awards! Surely you were placed against other heavyweights in the category. What do you think of the other nominees and the status of R’n’B in Botswana?

Well, thank you! For me everybody worked hard and this clearly is a well-deserved part on the back for me and my team at Heartbeat. Here’s to putting more work than we did last year. It’s all good vibes really! And, about the other nominees, these are dope musicians too and I very much appreciate their craft, but on the night there could only be one winner and I’m happy to have bagged this one. They are talented in their own right. I would like to appreciate and say thank you to my fans for voting for me.

Bouncy (L) with a fan at the #YAMAs

The people you work with, behind-the-scenes, how have they helped you become a better and multi-award winning musician?

I am blessed to have a really talented team. I work with two of Botswana’s best music producers; Bangu and Prezbeats at a stable called Heartbeat and they have vowed and continue to work harder and better as a team. They are working on making my music international and making sure I learn and better myself throughout the entire process.  Their profiles speak volumes and I’m truly blessed to be under their guidance and musical ingenuity.

Your recent triumph could put you under unwarranted pressure – ‘Best Single Female’ and ‘Best R’n’B Single’. Your friend Sasa Klaas congratulated you publicly. Are we likely to see you two working together soon?

Wow man, she is also doing amazing things in South Africa. I am excited for her too. We are definitely gonna work together soon, it is going to happen this year but I don’t want to put any time frame on it as yet.

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