Trippy Rhe follows on dad’s legendary footsteps

In a typical case of ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’, this young Botswana female rapper wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. As the daughter to Botswana’s seasoned legendary musician, Taolo Moshaga, Monkgogi Moshaga aged 25, is slowly carving her own golden niche in the dog-eat-dog music industry.

As a young kid on the block, the young, vivacious and upcoming hip-hop star clearly has a mountain to climb and big shoes to fill if she wants to emulate and shine as bright as his renowned musician father, Taolo Moshaga – a gigantic name in the local music industry with a career spanning well over 30 years.

Affectionately known as, Trippy Rhe, the young lass says she was truly inspired by her father’s worldwide tour courtesy of his music career, which ultimately influenced her to also choose music as a career. Moshaga said despite her love for music, she’s also a tutor of note as a certified IT trainer. #BotswanaUnplugged recently had a chat with her to find out what actually makes her tick…

Besides the fact that your parents are well-known for their passion in music, what else prompted you to follow their path?

I was born into a musical family, my brothers loved and lived hip-hop a lot. My mom and dad always played rock and roll and I was always there listening. My father having been globetrotted the world doing music tours I had always wanted the same for myself. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world? So I caught the bug since then and here I am today. However, other than that I am a daughter and I have three siblings.

…but why hip-hop?

I just resonated more with it because it felt like an expression of character and not just emotions. I loved how you can tell what kind of hip-hop somebody might be into even from the way they dress. I like how the genre continues to grow.

You haven’t been doing this for a long time and already you have been nominated in some awards. Please explain…

It was a milestone. I was proud that a project so close to me had gotten the appreciation it deserves. I was nominated for the BOMU 2017 Music Awards Best Video- Trippy Rhe ft @YawBannerman #MOSOLA . It wasn’t by luck but hard work (sigh). I’m however a few masters from dropping my first tape though and I look forward to more collaborations on my next project. Watch the space!

Not only do you do music, you are also a certified IT trainer…

I’m actually doing my MSC in Project Management. I majored in Network Engineering and Computer Science. I am also an accredited BQA ICT trainer; I’m so drawn to the people.

They say music is a cutthroat industry and with your education, the future surely looks bright. Why bother with the hassle that is music?

I get a lot of that, for me music is academics! It’s the art of expression, lyricism, rhythm and relation. I like to think of myself as a shape shifter; I assume whatever form my skills and talent allow me to. Even a cow has more purpose that for, what would I be doing living as one thing.

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