Meet Jack Bohloko: an ingenious videographer for every artist

Almost every music video you see locally has been blessed by the magic hands of Jack Bohloko. This young man continues to sprinkle his charm in the creation of music videos and he’s currently riding on the crest of a wave by conquering the local market. The former Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) dropout, aged 24 said he dropped out of varsity halfway to pursue his God-given natural talent – videography.

While dropping out of school is usually not the best recommendation, for Bohloko, the opposite became veritable as he persevered to become one of the most sought after videographers in the country, and he continues to produce work for the industry’s high ranking artists.

“I had enrolled for a degree in creative multimedia but along the way I realized the study was more inclined towards graphic design so I called it quits. I hit the streets armed with nothing but my ingenious brain which was a big risk. I knew all along that I had talent in video editing and choreography. The biggest challenge for me was how I penetrate the market as an inexperienced and young creative. I fell in love with local music and I prayed daily that one day I ought to change its scenery especially for television,” said Bohloko.

Born in Mafikeng, South Africa but made in Gaborone, Bohloko has throughout his pursuits helped the likes of Zola 7, Charmagal, Amantle Brown, Eskimos, Maghebula, A.T.I, Latimmy and Dramaboi. The above stars are some of the many benefactors to the insanely creative Bohloko.

“I found other creatives in the market who have been doing videos and I observed their characters hence my shooting style is characterized by my love for moving shots. I grew up watching a lot of still shots on local music videos so I wanted to be different and be a change-maker. My editing style goes along with motions and the sound beat. I draw a lot of inspiration from one of the best South African videographers, Ofentse Mwase and Studio Space Pictures. Every single day I yearn to become a better creator.”

Bohloko said his amazing skills soon secured him massive bookings and when he got overwhelmed he decided to set up a proper structure for his craft hence he formed a company and collaborated with other creatives to make a better end-product. “My company is called Blackspace films. I do collaborate with other guys such as Black Pixel, Truways Media and Livehood Films whenever we shoot and during production but post production I do it all alone.”

Quizzed about his 2018 ambitions, a confident Bohloko said he wants to be the dominating factor in the music industry by working with more seasoned artists. “I want to work with more artists both locally and internationally. I also want to work more with traditional artists because I feel I can represent them well visually. My greatest   dream is to see them play on international channels such as Trace Africa, Channel O, which will mean the world will see more of our work too.”

The self-taught videographer joins other world shakers who have dropped out of school and excelled at their passions. He relishes the new digital age as a plus on his journey saying he will not be going back to class anytime soon as nowadays everything can be self-taught online.

“There are millions of online tutorials to learn at one’s spare time. I still have a lot to learn about filming but I don’t think I will go back to school because it will slow down my hustle. A lot of things I learnt through YouTube so for now I will be my own teacher.”

Jack Bohloko (4th from left) with cast after the production shoot

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