Orange Botswana pioneers creative talent expansions

Amid current conversations on the importance of using Botswana businesses in curating home-grown advertising material, Orange Botswana is leading the pack in championing the ‘proudly Botswana’ work from creatives and local productions.

Demonstrated most recently in the just launched Orange Botswana television commercials for #BuaLeNna and #SummerOffers, key campaigns from the brand, the mobile telephone company believes in growing the local creative space and the communications sector at every step, from models and faces of the campaigns, to scripting and engaging citizen production companies.

The new television commercials for BuaLeNna and Summer Offers were premiered before the media and key stakeholders this Wednesday morning (22nd November 2017) at an intimate and classy red-carpet breakfast affair hosted at New Capitol Cinemas Masa Centre in Gaborone.

The engagement by Orange Botswana was a celebration of local talent by all accounts with local talent as guests of honour among them M’Jamaica, who’s the face of the BuaLeNna campaign, Gaolope Basuhi well known as Ausi G, the star of Summer Offers’ Homecoming commercial, and Moabi Mogorosi of Abi Films, local film production house which produced both the productions.

The Botswana talent all shared their experience working on these projects, part of a holistic effort to grow the local sector, and shine a greater spotlight on the talent Botswana has to offer. Orange Botswana Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Patrick Benon said, “This is indeed a proud moment for us and we are happy to have worked with talented young Batswana once again.

They have produced amazing television commercials, which in themselves are celebrations of what Batswana have to offer, what matters most to us as a Nation, and what the spirit of communication and summer mean to us all. This is about celebrating that talent and recognising young Batswana who showed commitment, hard work and dedication in their efforts. We are proud to be able to create and support platforms that enable this, and continue to invest in growing local talent.”

“Orange Botswana thanks all who have been a part of bringing these projects to life. The brand remains dedicated to working with local creative professionals,” added Benon. Speaking at the launch Mjamaica said he is grateful to Orange for the continued upliftment of creative talent. The online comedian noted that his comic antics were merely not a serious vocation until he realised later that he can actually make a full time career out of it. M’Jamaica said even better corporates such as Orange Botswana started using his services to influence and sway consumers.

Wired boss, Kabelo Binns highlighted that using local talent will go further in stimulating the economy. Binns added that gone are the days when talent used to be exported as Batswana and citizens are as much capable. However, the PR guru cautioned the creatie industry players about being coplacent in their craft.

From left, Orange Team, Lepata Mafa-Nthomola, Sandra Moreau, Lame Madiba and the TVC cast

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