Bonnita Long Life milk endorses community development

In line with its “school pack collection” campaign, the Parmalat Group has engaged its nutritional brand, Bonnita Long Life Milk (BLLM) to give back to its valued customers through a schools’ competition – a promotional campaign held annually mainly to assist local government schools to flourish. The first of its kind annual competition was implemented in April 2016 and entailed Southern region schools and surrounding areas.

As a way to increase brand coverage and presence, the Parmalat Group – a giant brand in the production and distribution of dairy products and fruit beverages industry added the northern region to the list targeting more than 120 primary and secondary schools.

The pupils were encouraged to collect BLLM containers to raise funds while competing against one another. The 1st 10 schools to collect 1200 packs will  each win a P1000, with the overall 1st place school receiving P15,000, 2nd Place – P10,000, 3rd Place- P 5,000, 4th – 8th Place – P 1000, and the top collecting pupil in the top 18 schools wins a branded Hoodie.

Winners that participated in the campaign are yet to be announced and a hand-over ceremony will then follow at Parmalat’s Botswana Office on Tuesday, 21st of November 2017 in Gaborone West Industrial.

“The prizes attained by the students for their hard work will add value to their respective schools and the public. Bonnita Long Life Milk collected 480 715 packs and managed to reach 80 926 learners, teachers and their families. Although we had lower numbers this year, the group is motivated to reach more people next year.”

“Being a global supplier, Parmalat has a responsibility to stimulate its presence in community development. Ms. Naledi Lesonya, a young lady based in Mahalapye has found a way to make a living through recycling one of the Parmalat products containers. She joins Bonnita milk packs together to create attractive straw mats through needlecraft.  These straw mats are then sold in the village, usually weddings for decoration purposes. Lesonya realised women often hold themselves back from advancement with self-imposed barriers,” said Parmalat recently.

Total Number of Schools Visited During Final Call Not finalised
No. of Learners Reached 80 926
No. of 1L BLLM Packs Collected 96 051
No. of 500ml BLLM Packs Collected 378 218
Total Packs Collected to Date 480 715


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