Motswana bodybuilder secures 4th spot at world championships

Botswana’s number one bodybuilder, Gontse Sechele has just returned from the National Amateur Body Building Association (NABBA) World Fitness Federation Championships where he made the country proud by clinching position four (4) out of 14 competing countries. In a tightly contested event held recently at Expo Cypress in Nicosia, Cyprus, the Motswana bodybuilder triumphed against all odds to secure fourth place.

“Competing for the first time in the Extreme Body category when I usually compete in the Super body category was a challenging task, but I was up for the challenge,” said an excited Sechele.

Out of all the 14 competitors from across the globe which included Austria, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, France, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Korea, Lebanon, Malta, New Zealand, Serbia, South Africa, Sechele contested under the Extreme Body Category where he obtained position four.

Based on body type and fitness class, where judges paid attention to weight, height, symmetry, muscularity and condition, the four categories that the male competitors competed under at the WFF championships include Athletics, Performance, Super and the ultimate, Extreme category which Sechele vied for.

“Everything at the competition was so professionally run and I could feel the intensity of the competitors and their aggressive desire to win. I too, had a hunger to win and represent my country with pride,” commented Sechele.

The number one (1) spot went to South Africa, Hungary clinched position two (2), third place went to Iran while the fourth world ranking was secured by Botswana courtesy of Sechele.

The requirements to qualify in the Extreme category were a minimum weight of 95kg and a minimum height of 1.75m. All categories had their height and weight requirements. Still at the same competition was another Motswana Body Builder, Tobokani Maletamotse under the Athletic category who came in at number 6 out of the 16 contenders.

The next challenge for Sechele is to get ready for the WFF Pretoria Classic – an internationally ranked competition which will be held at the University of South Africa (UNISA) campus in Pretoria next year May (2018).

“I’m going in hard for the Pretoria Classic because my goal is to be ranked number one in the Extreme Category and ultimately become a World Champ. With the support of Batswana and all sports administrators, I believe we can reach that goal and put Botswana on the coveted number one spot,” concluded Sechele.

About Gontse Sechele:
Gontse Sechele is a 32-year-old man who has overcome poverty, after growing up in the small village of Hubona in northern Botswana.
He moved to the capital city, Gaborone with a dream to become the best bodybuilder in the world. Gontse Sechele has been doing body building for the past 15 years, and has achieved big including:
• 3 times Mr. Botswana 2009, 2011 & 2012
• 2nd place Mr. Botswana 2010
• 4th place Mr. Africa 2012
• 1st place Boksburg Championships 2013
• 1st place National Amateur Body Building Association of South Africa (NABBA) Gauteng Championships 2013
• 2nd place World Body Building Federation (WBBF) 2013
• 3rd place World Physique Federation (WPF) 2013
• 5th place Pretoria Classic 2014
• 3rd place NABBA/WFF Universe – Seoul, Korea
• 2014 Overall Winner Classic
• 2014 2nd place NABBA SA
• 2014 Top 10 NABBA Universe – Australia
• 2014 2nd place Gaborone Classic
• 2015 2nd place WFF Universe – Florida, USA
• 2016 4th place NABBA/WFF World Championships – Nicosia, Cyprus 2017 – Competing under EXTREME category for the first time.

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