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The just ended two-day DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival held at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Jozi alias Joburg or Egoli, South Africa, was completely off the hook, writes @madisafils… The well-deserved sojourn to the #RainbowNation was courtesy of our noble friends at South African Tourism (SAT) who had invited us on a sensational all-expenses paid trip to indulge, experience and document all things #Delicious and beyond.

The cacophony of noises in the busy and bustling ‘City of Gold’ fused with the harmony of all the starry and energetic acts at the #DStvDeliciousFest will forever remain etched in my brain for years to come. What a time to be alive!

The mega event has been attracting an estimated 40, 000 visitors over the two-day festival, since 2013, and this year was no different as people from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya, Zambia and all over the world descended in on the ever bustling city of Joburg to be part of this exciting DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival, which first took the entertainment and culinary world by storm on its debut in Johannesburg in October 2013.

It was truly a party fit for a king offering all and sundry, varied and delicious gastronomic South African-inspired flavours and dishes, all set under a perfect, serene and welcoming ambiance. The sporadic pinches of the soothing background music throughout the entire Delicious festivity created a beautiful ambience at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit which was both romantic and sensuous.

My ingenuous character experienced numerous soothing spells, making me feel like I was floating on marshmallow clouds, with the episodic downpours stirring my musical taste buds to the upper limit. Despite a few performances loudly pounding, like knifes were stabbing my eardrums, others were pleasant-sounding.

Personally, the DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival has broken all records, as the biggest event I have attended this year, beating the Castle Lite Unlocks which I attended sometime mid-year at the Ticketpro Dome. As an avid fan of Motorsport, particularly Formula One and my favourite driver being Lewis Hamilton, the venue for #Delicious, the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit was peppered with all the right ingredients for us adrenaline junkies.

Kindly allow me to rewind, as I invite you to follow my larger-than-life South Africa expedition, which began on Friday until Tuesday this week, all thanks to SAT. We were shuttled to the event by our dedicated chauffer Johannes from Kgakama Tours – a diligent, humble and patient soul! Shout out to you bro, your kind is rare, loved how you seamlessly accommodated all of us coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Our entourage included, songstress Samantha Mogwe, social media pro, Michael Hall together with three First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) staff members,Naco Bolote, Tshepiso Scheffers and Oagomotsa Gabaikangwe as well as FNB Rewards Campaign winners, Tumisang Mokalake and Kgosi Setlhoko.  Mokalake and Setlhoko were hosted by FNBB influencers; Michael Hall and Samantha Mogwe courtesy of SAT and were utterly excited to attend the DStv Delicious Festival after they won a competition which was run on social media by FNBB through its influencers.

We arrived at the event around 1300hrs, earlier than anticipated so as to avoid the insane JHB traffic. Quickly, we assumed our spot under the DStv shades. Just like an earliest bird raring to catch the fattest and juiciest worm, we warmed our way into the colourful Delicious space, and loaded money into the common cards which were used as currency throughout the event.

Unlike going around carrying wads of cash or crumpled banknotes, these cards became handy and convenient for everyone. Quite fascinating also for me was how these very same cards were centralized and interconnected thus making it easier for suppliers to collect and measure ROI (Return on Investment). All the outlets here, used the same device.

South Africans truly know how to have fun. They also do take their brand and values seriously. In between partying down a musical storm and imbibing copious amounts of all things ‘Rated-18’, I was floating on my own figment of realisms. Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s event, it has been decided to retain the format of this world class festival over two days at the same venue.

The mega event attracts an estimated 40, 000 visitors over the two-day festival and this year the international line-up included Common, Femi Kuti, Omar, Alexander O’Neal and Imagination feat. Leee John, while local acts include, Black Coffee & the band, Thandiswa Mazwai, TKZee, HHP with Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse and Bongo Maffin.

The main ingredients of the festival include international and local artists on the main stage, international and local chefs featured in various pop-up restaurants and cooking theatres, channel activations, brand activations, an interactive kids zone, SA’s biggest gourmet street food market and a world class dance arena.

With so much seen and recorded, we zoom into the following subtitles as the most vivid talking points that continue to make DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival one of South Africa’s most celebrated events…

Tight Security and Smart Ticketing

In most of the events that I have attended in the past, I have come to the conclusion that congestion is brought about by our promoters, who time after time dismally fail to make the necessary provisions. Take the issue of one entrance for instance, which creates unnecessary traffic. The general ticket sold for R499 and once you were in you are in and you were not allowed to go back outside. A very important provision in my view as it   reduced haphazard traffic to the venue thus giving the security ample room and ability to manage both incoming and outgoing traffic. This could also lessen unforeseen accidents.


I know some of you will argue, there ought to be freedom of movement in and out of shows, but what’s with the sporadic and nomadic disturbances at a show like Delicious. For me safety must always come first. The security here not only protects and watches over the welfare of revellers but is also tasked with protecting the integrity and brand of the event. I was taken aback that no cameras were allowed into the show unless stated as media. Talk about safe-guarding the brand and all its commercial rights!

A Delicious walk down memory lane

‘Waar was Jy’ A.K.A ‘Where Were You’ seemed to be the cornerstone of this year’s event. We saw acts of yesteryears, getting back together on the musical gravy train. These groups, Bongo Maffin (Stoan,Jah Seed, Thandiswa Mazwai,Speedy) and TKZee (Kabelo, Zwai and Tokollo) all reunited to give the prolific DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival crowd explosive spells of their olden yet golden tunes. Even the spasmodic showers could not stop these seasoned acts from shining – TKZee having serenaded the masses on Saturday while Bongo Maffin took to the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit stage on Sunday afternoon. These two groups were both explosive on stage.

These two Kwaito groups were extremely popular and amongst the best in the 90s. While TKZee became famous in 1997 when RSA’s Bafana Bafana qualified for their maiden 1998 FIFA World Cup courtesy of a song dubbed “Shibobo” while Bongo Maffin on the other hand was renowned for its booming song “Thati’Sgubu”. Quite exciting is that Thandiswa Mazwai did let the cat out of the bag that the group has now put the past behind them, united and are working on a brand new album.

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