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Khumo Kgwaadira, popularly known as Miss Gee Kays looks fresh-faced and beautiful posing for #BotswanaUnplugged ahead of her birthday celebrations slated for Saturday, June 24 at My Kind Of Place, Riverwalk Shopping mall in Gaborone. In between her hectic schedule, we managed to steal a few moments with her, and she explains her radio and TV journey, family, career triumphs and advances as well as her upcoming birthday celebrations this weekend…

How would you describe yourself? Where were you born and where do you hail from?
I am a happy child. I grew up a happy bubbly child with a lot of zeal, very talkative and I am very unapologetic about it. I am where I am because of my big mouth. I was born on the 18th of June 1990 in Jwaneng. My dad is from Sefhare and mum is from Mookane. Man, I can’t believe I’m 27, I feel too damn old. Ha-ha!

What’s sets you apart?
My personality is my golden passport.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?
Love yourself a little bit more. Someone told me this many years ago and it made sense because I grew up in the absence of love for so long. My heart was heavy but because of this person I saw myself differently.

What do you listen to or do when you are looking for inspiration?
Urban gospel: Tamela man, we will worship, Hillsong Israel Houghton when I am in the zone spiritually all the ideas come running after me.

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about you?
I am actually quite chilled, very shy but it’s hard to convince people considering I am also a loud mouth.

What can’t you live without?
My iPhone, a day without my phone I feel like death. Ha-ha. Ok, that was a lil’ bit extreme but hope you get the picture.

How many of you are there in your family? Are you first born or last born? Tell me a little bit about your family?
There is four of us. I have 1 older half-brother and 2 sisters, then me, the last born. I mean it’s quite obvious. Ha-ha. My family is so dramatic. My dad and I are the confident ones, very loud and very sociable and the rest are really chilled.

Who and what inspired you to become a radio presenter?
My best friend Patience Ineeleng is my heart beat, she made me aware that my voice is different whilst we were in college. She knew my dreams and what I wanted to become so she has always been there to make me get the work done. She makes an effort to attend my shows and the projects I work on. She really believes in me more than I believe in myself.

How did your big break come about?
Property for you, my first time being on TV, the only property show in Botswana. People started knowing the loud girl and from there more jobs came up, radio and more TV shows. So, property For You paved way for all of this.

Who is your role model and why?
I don’t have one specific role model. I look up to a lot of people. I feel there are so many people out there doing great things e.g. Oprah, Khanyi Dlomo etc.

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?
I am lazy guys. I can’t go to the gym. I exercise once in a while God knows why (LOL). In terms of healthy food I really do try. Acne is the devil, and last year was really bad for me so I had to cut down on ma-fresh (fresh chips) and magwinya (fat cakes). I don’t drink fizzy drinks so I really do try.

Do you have any limitations? Would you pose naked for the cover of a magazine for instance?
Pose naked? NEVER. I am a spiritual person so some of the things have to be in alignment with my spirituality. Comfort is the most important thing so I have a lot of limitations. I work with energy, some people energy/energies aren’t right so that would mean not working with them.

What has been your biggest or favourite highlight of your life or career so far?
Hosting #Tlatsalebala. Thank you Kast.

What other exciting gigs have you been involved with in the past?
I recently signed a deal with DeBeers Group of Companies to voice a program called The Youth Innovators Diamond Minute. The podcast is available on Yarona FM. To me, this is huge. Do I need to mention the growth of my NGO “WHO AM I” and my collaborative line with One Motlhabane – MISSGEEKAYSxFADDIC. GOD is good.

How do you handle the pressure that comes with your work?
It’s too much to a point where I take a break from everything. I simply detach myself from the world to sort of introspect, pull myself together and get back on track.

What excites you the most about being in the limelight/celebrity?
Genuine love from people who aren’t your blood family. That really is overwhelming. Sometimes it hurts that your own family doesn’t really get this whole celebrity thing, they don’t appreciate you as much or give you props but the people out there are a constant reminder to keep putting in more work.

Life would be simpler if…
We all loved each other and are true to ourselves.

Khumo will be celebrating her birthday on the 24th of June at the new coolest place in town located at Riverwalk Mall, MKOP.

What’s your typical weekday schedule?
Meetings back to back in the morning (presentations e.tc), then midday radio, then more meetings after radio, meet up with the team.  I usually get home around 8:30 so that I don’t miss #TheQueen.

And your typical weekend?
Most Saturdays I have to appear at tea parties or motivational sessions then I have radio 2-6pm. Thereafter I have a meeting with my business partner or attend an event. Nowadays Botswana is filled with events so I support whenever I have a chance. My Sunday is church, then work. I spend the day at the office to plan for the following week.

What are your favourite out-of-town escapades; tell us where do you usually go to and why?
I barely go out of town unless if it’s “WHO AM I” school tour. Most of the time I am just working so yeah, my life sucks!

Where do you enjoy shopping?
Online. The best! Saves me a lot of time.

My motto is…
Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior without your consent.

My simplest pleasure is…
Finding money you didn’t know you had. The absolute best.

Miss Botswana 2016, Thata Kenosi (L), with RB2’s Khumo Kgwaadira and Resego Motlhokathari (R)

My guiltiest pleasure is…
Korean TV dramas! Ha-ha! Yes.

The craziest fashion trend I have ever followed is…
I’m too simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager?
I used to have a crush on Mosako while I was in high school. Can you imagine! Ha-ha!

My biggest regret is…
I don’t believe in regrets.

Before I die, I’d like to…
Have a family, build an empire, be very successful and for my parents to live off my wealth, live a good life. I owe them at least that much.

TV & Radio Personality, Khumo Kgwaadira (@MissGeeKays) during Madison Store Media Cocktail launch.

What surprises you most about adult life?
Nothing surprises me about adulating, trust me.

My proudest moment was…
When I bought myself a car at the age I had long set for myself, at the age of 23.

What made you decide to study whatever you studied?
Well I wanted to study Media and Broadcasting but my sister refused so I settled for Marketing. I knew it would help me in the future and it sure is helping me tremendously right now.

What’s been your biggest life lesson in your career?
Stay away from industry people. Ha-ha!   

Favourite restaurants?
Mug and Bean.

Favourite drink?
Aloe Vera with coconut juice and Tropika Orange flavor.

Favourite pair of jeans?
My diamond dust jeans a big shout out to Rozay Fergie. Local is lekker.

Khumo with Masi Sithole

Your favourite fashion designers? Which ones have you worked with both locally and internationally?
One Motlhabane and she is my business partner. She is the reason behind FADDIC clothing. I have also worked with Keno Custom suits, Aobakwe Molosiwa of Gilded Sands, Candy of Dihdah , Botho of Botocy to mention a few.

What are you listening to right now?
Currently I abuse three songs in my car 1. Tshego- Garden 2.Tellaman – No excuse and we will worship feat Khaya Mthethwa; this I know. I love a lot of local artists Lizibo, Veezo, Ozi F Teddy and Samantha Mogwe. Internationally I like Usher and Chris Brown, and Mali music.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing Botswana and Africa right now?
Collaborative work here in Botswana, we don’t want to work together, we don’t want to see people prosper, we just don’t support and it’s really sad.

What does it mean to be a Motswana?
Upholding the principle of Botho which is the number one and only thing that is the ultimate foundation.

What’s your message to Batswana, especially the youth?
Work, work, work. The world owes you nothing, so go and get it.

Which international superstar would you like to work with and why?
Oprah, she is a beacon of hope. A mother to all. She has paved way for most of us.

Please tell us more about your upcoming birthday celebrations?
I am celebrating my birthday on the 24th of June at the new coolest place in town located at Riverwalk Mall, MKOP. I can’t wait.

Do you have any last words?
Love never fails.

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