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The Mayors Cup presents football giants

Gaborone City Council (G.C.C) Mayor, Kagiso Thutlwe is busy at work reviving the old football tourney dubbed ‘Mayors Cup’. This annual soccer tourney hosted by His Worship The Mayor in association with Spotkick will see four BTC premiership sides; Tafic,  Sharps Shooting Stars, Centre Chiefs and Extension Gunners battling each other on July 22 at the National Stadium. 

The last time the cup was held was many moons ago by his predecessors. The hosting of the football tournament by Thutwe is to sensitize city slickers about issues of health and fitness as well as encouraging them to test for various diseases.  Thutwe said among the many objectives of the tournament is to encourage HIV testing including other lifestyle diseases.

Currently, the city only has 35% of the tested population and still has a long way to go in achieving the set 90% target by year 2030.

specially elected councillor, Kagiso Ntime has welcomed the importance of the cup

The tournament is the brainchild of Spotkick Management of Kennedy Ramojela and Tshepo Molwane, and will see social teams play each other in four Gaborone regions where the winners will curtain raise during the day of the tournament.  The build-up games will see an all-day display even across people who usually do not follow football where they will be encouraged to keep fit and know their status.

The draw between the featured elite teams is expected in fortnight’s time in Gaborone. As the publisher of football, Spotkick has been given a two year partnership with the National Aids Coordinating Agency (NACA), Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to facilitate the tournament.

For his part, Botswana Football Administration (BFA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ookeditse Malesu said they are happy with the new development and partnership as it will go a long way in addressing health issues as well as giving back to society.  “Activities like these are important to players. It’s a charity cup and this will help the less privileged.”

Botswana Football Association CEO Ookeditse Malesu

G.C.C Mayor, Thutlwe said the charity cup is his way of supporting citizens as well as showing he cares for every individual’s health. He added that he will continue to support every initiative presented to him as long as it is of great benefit to the city and his people.

“My predecessors had what they called the mayor’s cup. When I became the mayor I made a vow that I will leave an impactful legacy in our society. Different mayors had their mandates. I also had the 90 90 90 campaigns in Gaborone they were a resounding success. For me health is a major issue and as a youthful mayor I challenge everyone especially the young, but how do I challenge them, I engage them in a way we know majority will come and that’s through football.”

Furthermore, the mayor said, “Football is a sport for the poor. All over the world most footballers were poor, it’s more appealing. We are coming together as the city council to run this tourney. We are excited about the selection of the teams, they are household names and we know what crowds they can pull,” concluded the mayor.

The tournament comes hot on the heels of last month’s football tournament dubbed ‘Mayors Corporate 5-aside’.

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