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Former BBA star debuts in award-winning musical Kakadu

Former Miss Universe Botswana 2012/2013 and continental reality TV show; Big Brother Africa 2014 star, Sheillah Molelekwa has hit the jackpot since leaving the show and settling in Nigeria. The former reality star will debut in an international and critically acclaimed Nigerian musical dubbed ‘Kakadu’. 

“Kakadu is a narrative of post-independence Nigeria as it is a wonderfully varied musical journey. If you are so jaded that the human story doesn’t get you, the music most definitely will. More likely, both of them will test every pore in your mind”.

Molelekwa credits her stay in the cutthroat Big Brother Africa reality TV house as the platform that unleashed her prowess in both music and acting.

The Lagos-based actress left Botswana a year ago to further her creative career.

“Definitely BBA gave me a platform to showcase what I can give, hence wherever I go , my resume is already ahead of me, people are not scared to take chances working with me and that’s why I have so far made progress in a foreign country.”

In an exclusive interview with #BotswanaUnplugged, Molelekwa said her stay in Nigeria has been successful and truly looks set to make her footprint into Nollywood as well as broadening her musical scope especially with a few renowned Nigerian heavyweights.

“I’m not new into theatre as I started at the age of 12. However, this is the biggest I have featured in, interestingly that it will be showcasing for the first time in Southern Africa. They were looking for a country where there is a bigger stage and South Africa has many. It is also good for me because this is a country closer to home.I will also be playing Hasanna, one of the leading roles. I can’t reveal much about the role and I sincerely urge people to come to the Mandela Joburg Theatre in Johannesburg on the 7th of June to see me perform as I become the first Motswana to do so.”

The Lagos-based actress left Botswana a year ago to further her creative career. She has so far released a single dubbed ‘Xo-loving’ and the song is currently receiving massive airplay in various popular Nigerian radio stations such as Cool FM, Beat FM and Kiss FM among others.

“Living in Nigeria exposes one to major music collaborations, we can attest that Nigerian music has so far been an epitome of stardom across the African continent and the rest of the world. Everyone is doing the Nigerian inherited sound so being at the hub is a plus for my budding music career.”

Kakadu – The award winning musical
PIC CREDIT: bellanaija

Meanwhile, it is also said that many record labels are after her signature but she is not in hurry to append her signature yet.

“No record label as yet, as I am still enjoying being an independent artist, but MJ Agency in Nigeria handles my publicity so soon all will be revealed.”


Following three years of successful performances in Nigeria and Davos, Switzerland, the spectacular award-winning “Kakadu”- The Musical will be coming to the Mandela stage, as part of the Africa Day Celebrations in June 2017.

Kakadu – The musical is based on several pivotal events that happened in Nigeria between 1965 and 1974, the watershed years immediately following independence from British colonial rule, leading to the Biafran War and the aftermath of that war.

PIC CREDIT: bellanaija

It is written and produced by one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria, Uche Nwokedi.
Kakadu – the Musical shares the story of a famous Lagos nightclub in the sixties as a backdrop for an era, which brought about wonderful music and the distinctive social life that followed the birthing of a young nation.
A unique “must-see, must experience” production.

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