10-minutes with Girly the versatile entertainer

Many will remember her rise in the showbiz panorama as one of the dancers for Vee Mampezy back in the days. Seeing her zeal beyond all things boogying, Vee dug deeper into his pockets after seeing something unique about this talented all-round performer and paid DJ Chabo to teach the young lass how to spin records. Like a duck takes to the water, Botshelo Mosweu alias Girly took deejaying classes well, and ultimately turned a new leaf.

Born in 25 years ago, Girly is certainly living her dream and she is currently receiving massive airplay on local radio stations. The young and vivacious lass is looking to further her career by opening other avenues that will forever compliment her musical ingenuity. #BotswanaUnplugged recently caught up with the drop-dead gorgeous lass to find out what really makes her tick…

Quizzed about her chosen passion; dancing, Girly said she had always wanted to be a dancer and started practicing from a younger age. “I started appearing on various local music videos at the tender age of 14, and I was crazy about seeing myself on television. I have worked with artists such as Mingo and Eskimos. However, things changed in 2008 when I won My African Dream competition as a dancer.

This is when I started to be paid to dance and 2010 was one of my biggest highlights when I got featured in the Urban Legends show when American Hip-hop star, Eve performed. This made me realize I was extremely talented.”

Being a newcomer, what shows have you done which you would say perched you atop with other seasoned entertainers?

Thank you! It has to be the day Vee filled up the Stanbic Bank Piazza. I was so emotional that night especially that I performed for a full house. Vee remains my mentor to this day and I shall forever remain indebted to him.

 I must say, that night wasn’t a bad showcase from you, and you also have a new clothing line. Tell us more…

Yes, it’s called Diboowdy with the tag line “Embrace your African-ness”. I truly represent a body of a typical African woman and I should embrace it all day every day. Every woman should and actually, men too. The line ranges from hoodies, vests, jumpsuits, caps, swim wear and chokers. I am currently in talks with potential business people to see how we can launch it.

The world seems to be your oyster and this year seems like it’s gonna be a busy one for you! I’m also told you’re shooting for a television series that airs on Botswana Television (BTV) dubbed Ntwakgolo even though you’re not trained as an actress…

Ironically, I have done some training. Thabiso Maretlwaneng of Deezone Productions has been an instrumental star pushing me to become a better actress. So season two of Ntwakgolo people can expect to see me, I will be acting the character of Gorata, who happens to be a university student who simply came to the city to have fun. (Sigh) that’s all I can say for now.

And the music…

There’s definitely more music to come. I don’t have to rush it because that may jeopardize on the quality. For now my two singles; “Diboowdy” and “Bare ba irang” are currently blazing the local airwaves. Just turn up the volume and support local music.

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