Saturday, 24 March 2018

The dazzling German Twins said their New Year’s resolutions are, “This year for us is about growth and most importantly making our mark as entertainers as well as young entrepreneurs so at the top of list this is; Being recognised on a more corporate sphere and hosting in that platform. We intend to work with private companies and build the corporate side of our portfolio this year. Hopefully on that pursuit we become brand ambassadors or perhaps the faces of a ‘certain’ company or brand! We plan on being more involved in community projects especially those affecting young women e.g.: school visits, motivational talks, seminars and workshops, as well as heading a few campaigns ourselves.” The duo of Mavis and Lydia further added, “Working on rebranding the German Twins in terms of image/fashion and style is definitely on the agenda! If we could scoop the Best Dressed Award at the Durban July 2016, it's proof that if we work alongside our local designers we can make major moves and that's the plan for 2017. Getting on radio is one very important step we intend on taking this year!” “German Twins BW is fighting for big endorsements this year so we can raise the bar higher and gain more across the border exposure. Last but not least, and on a lighter note, we plan on going hard at gym for the ultimate slay bodies, there are a few other surprises you can expect as well so watch this space!”


on 28 November 2016


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