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To Miss Uhuru  – by Mmakgosi

To Miss Uhuru – by Mmakgosi

on 4 September 2015

I find my intellect worn out from African tell tales of Sodom and Gomorrah,
There is no time for greetings as bombs can be felt beneath our feet,
Forgive me though; I guess my faith in our land has given in,
I have only one option and that is to voice my cries in this letter,
Africa and the barbarism that rots it have overpowered its rare beauty and undeniable potential,
We will remain a follower of other continent’s focus and never have our own,
Our pains and troubles have mystified our reflection of truth,
Everyday we fight for freedom we won decades ago,
Decades of colonialism that had destructed our unique and unifying cultures, weeding them right off our motherlands soil…

→More of this poem and others available on:

All Over My Tswana Mind

The Allure of Transparent Sin

Twitter handle:- @nitz8921


Mmakgosi Ophadile Anita Tau is the co-founder of MO Scripts, a group advocating for growth and awareness of literature in Botswana. Her first poem was published at the age of 10 and she has never looked back. An author to two ebooks available on Amazon, ‘All Over My Tswana Mind’ and ‘The Allure of Transparent Sin’ She is a mother, a vocalist, voice over artist, stylist, poet, and an entrepreneur. Mmakgosi is an activist for Mental Health Awareness and has had an article published on the Drum Magazine 18th December 2014 issue. Her piece, titled ‘Your Crown’ has been published in The Maya Angelou Poetry Anthology this May 2015 by a collaboration of International artists. Kalahari Review has published two of her pieces titled, ‘Chasing doves and ‘She is mine’. Badilisha Poetry has also added her ’16 days’ poem to their website where they feature poets from countries all over the world. She has recently recorded three more poems on their African Road trip facilitated by Sauti Arts. Currently working with Tiego of DCPS studios where she recorded ‘Miss Uhuru’. Mmakgosi is a well-rounded, infallible individual who lives with passion, faith, and grace. Powered by Christ for purpose-filled creativity.

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