Metlae ya ga Jujuvine is just for laughs

Let’s just say, our entire office could not stop laughing after watching a comedy DVD aptly dubbed “Metlae ya ga Jujuvine”, played by Jujuvine himself. The writing is on the wall folks, well in this case, the glaring headline and for Jujuvine he is just being himself.

Born Junior Sekolokwane, Jujuvine has released a new DVD entitled “Metlae ya ga Jujuvine Vol-1. The musician cum entrepreneur based in Windhoek, Namibia but who hails from Gabane has truly found a niche in the Botswana comic space. His Facebook skits continue to amass likes and comments alike thus making the fresh Botswana funnyman a darling to his copious fans.


Jujuvine has in the past performed alongside acts like Phenyo “The Master” Phaladi, Oefile “Mawee” Mokgware among others to crack ribs on numerous local and international gigs. His debut offering, compiled by Thabang Tladi at Pandora films and simply dubbed “Metlae ya ga Jujuvine”, is a compilation of his Facebook videos and surely promises to keep one awake with its rib-cracking laughter.

The DVD consists of about 25 videos and fans should expect to see among others Bana ba di Bluetooth, Batswana re ya Kae, Ngaka tsa Malawi. This is surely a good move by the Gabane born entertainer and it earns 10/10 on our hilarity calibration. This is one product Jujuvine fans would love to have. Get yourself a copy.

juju dvd
Jujuvine DVD sleeve

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